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"A Critique of Pope Francis" (Part 1)


“The barque of Peter is capsizing”[1]

A critique of Pope Francis

(as of Dec 18, 2020)


“My people are ruined for lack of knowledge!” (Ho 4:6a)

“Therefore my people go into exile for lack of understanding” (Is 5:13a)

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8:32)


The basic problem: Many are extremely bothered by where Pope Francis is going and taking our Church. This is manifested in his pronouncements, actions, positions and collaborators.[2]


My basic intent: To help educate lay Catholics as to what is happening in our Church, particularly with regard to the Pope.[3]


Disclaimer on being a critic:

(1) Clerics are generally nice people. This is not about being nice but about being truthful and faithful to the gospel of salvation in Jesus.

(2) This is not an attack on the person. It is looking at words and actions that are wrong.

(3) This is not an attack on our Church. It in fact is a defense of our Church.[4]

(4) I love the Pope. But I love Jesus and our Church more.


We naturally look up to the Pope, but the Pope can be wrong, unless he speaks ex cathedra on faith and morals. We must always look to the authentic gospel of Jesus. “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed!” (Gal 1:8).


Reality check: There have been bad popes[5]

*   Pope Stephen VI (896-897). He had the corpse of his predecessor Pope Formosus exhumed and put on trial for blasphemy, had his body dragged through the streets of Rome and dumped in the Tiber.

*   Pope Sergius III (904-911). He had a rival to the papacy killed.

*   Pope John XII (955-964). He was immoral, partied a lot and had sexual relations with many women.

*   Pope Benedict IX (1032-1044).[6] He had violent behavior, sold the papacy to his godfather.[7]

*   Pope Urban VI (1378-1389). He had six Cardinals opposed to him arrested, tortured and executed. Triggered the Western Schism and there were 3 Popes.

*   Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503). He bought the papacy by bribing his fellow electors, appointed many of his relatives to positions of power, killed rival Cardinals to claim their property for himself, fathered several children with his many mistresses.

*   Pope Leo X (1513-1521). His big spending severely affected the Church’s finances, and he resorted to the sale of indulgences,[8] which was one of the reasons Martin Luther dissented, triggering the Protestant Reformation in 1517.


Reality: there have been those who have opposed/corrected/rebuked/disagreed with the Pope

*   Jesus himself rebuked Peter, the first Pope, and even called him Satan (Mt 16:23).[9]

*   Paul opposed Peter to his face because he clearly was wrong (Gal 2:11).[10]

*   St Polycarp disagreed with Pope Anicetus on the celebration of Easter.

*   St Polycrates of Ephesus criticized Pope Victor I for not following apostolic teaching.

*   St Irenaeus rebuked Pope Victor I for trying to cut off Polycrates from the common unity for the stance he took.

*   St Firmilian argued against and opposed Pope Stephen with regard to heretical baptism.

*   St Catherine of Siena never hesitated to rebuke the Pope when she saw fit.

*   St Francis of Assisi spoke out his criticisms before the Pope and the Cardinals.


Visionaries and Marian apparitions

There have been a number of visionaries and Marian apparitions that have pointed to a severe crisis in our Church, including at the top.

*   Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres (1594-1634), Spanish nun, Ecuador. She had visions of Our Lady of Good Success, gave prophecies regarding a crisis in the Church in the 20th century. She said that the light of faith would be almost extinguished.

*   Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (early 1800s), Augustinian nun, Germany. A Marian visionary and stigmatist. She had a vision regarding Satan unchained for a time 50 or 60 years before 2000.

*   2 children in La Salette, France (1846). Our Lady of La Salette. Predicted future apostasy of Rome and Rome as seat of the antichrist.

*   Pope Leo XIII (1886). Vision of an infiltration deeply demonic settling upon Rome. Composed the prayer to St Michael.

*   3 children (1917) in Fatima, Portugal. Our Lady of Fatima. Chief exorcist Fr Gabriele Amorth[11] said that Padre Pio said that the third secret was about infiltration of the Vatican by Satan and the rise of a false church in the end times.[12]

*   4 young girls in Garabandal, Northern Spain (1961-1965). Our Lady of Garabandal said that “many Cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them.”


Where is Pope Francis going?

The Pope is moving left to progressivism and modernism, overturning age-old Church teachings in the process. Our Church can now be considered "gay-friendly,” being corrupted by Sexual Revolutionaries. Once we let go of the righteousness of God, that is the beginning of the end.



*   Being gay-friendly to the point of abetting homosexuality.

-   Granted audience in January 2015 to and had a private meeting in his private suite with a transgender biological man and his female fiancée.

-   In an in-flight conference in 2016, kept referring to transgender biological female as he, as a man.

-   Regarding an openly gay person, said “Who am I to judge?”[13]

-   According to Fr Daniel Duigou, a French priest, the Pope in 2018 approved of his blessing of homosexual and remarried couples.

-   Wore a “Pride” rainbow cross at the Youth Synod in 2018.

-   In August 2020, praised Sister Monica Astorga Cremona, the Argentinian nun who promotes Catholic acceptance of cross-dressing, sex change operations and homosexual relationships, and who opened a transgender home for men claiming to be women and their partners, and the Pope called these men “girls.”

-   Supports homosexualist Fr James Martin, gives him Vatican platforms to speak in, even gave him a 30-minute exclusive one-on-one at the Vatican.[14]

-   Approves of civil same-sex unions.

-   Called by phone and affirmed Andrea Rubera and Dario De Gregorio, a gay couple that hired a lesbian surrogate to have their children.[15]


*   Being in effect supportive of abortion.[16]

-   Praised Emma Bonino, Italy’s leading abortionist, in 2015.

-   Awarded Lilianne Ploumen of the Netherlands, an extreme abortion and LGBT activist, the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory the Great in 2017.

-   In November 2020, in his “Economy of Francesco,” invited Jeffrey Sachs, the world’s foremost proponent of abortion and population control. Sachs has been a regular at Vatican conferences, in 2013 (lecture to Pontifical Academy of Sciences), 2015 (co-hosted conference on Laudato Si), 2017 (Vatican conference on “Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health”), 2018 (at presentation on Laudato Si), 2019 (at Amazon Synod). Sachs has been credited with making a major contribution as a ghostwriter to Laudato Si.

-   Supported Joe Biden, avowed and extremely pro-abortion, in the US Presidential election of 2020.[17]


*   Wrong teaching.

-   To Juan Carlos Cruz, a gay man, in April 2018: God made you this way. The truth = Genesis 1:27.

-   Approved publication of a book by the Vatican saying the sin of Sodom is about lack of hospitality, rather than the sin of homosexuality, in December 2019.

-   Just accept, welcome, embrace those in sin, but not necessarily talking to them of their sin. Such is political correctness. It is false mercy.

-   Cohabitations with fidelity have the grace of real marriage.

-   No person can go to hell.[18] Those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven just disappear when they die. They go “poof.”

-   In April 2020, said he does not know if Judas is in hell, since Jesus called him “friend” and kissed him.[19]

-   God wills a diversity of religions.[20]

-   All religions are valid and ways to the divine.[21]

-   To proselytize is wrong.[22]

-   Confuses redemption with justification, in May 2020 homily.[23] This is about universalism.[24]

-   God does not lead us into temptation.[25] The truth = Matthew 4:1.

-   Capital punishment is wrong.[26]

-   The miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish was just sharing.[27]


*   Being a liberal.

-   At World Youth Day in 2016, the Vatican released a teen sex-ed program that neglected the parents’ central role, failed to mention mortal sin, and included sexually explicit photos and films.

-   The World Meeting of Families in 2018 featured some of the world’s most revolutionary bishops pushing a leftist path for our Church, and included a keynote address by rabid homosexualist Fr James Martin.

-   In September of 2019, warned the bishops of Mozambique against “young, rigid priests.”

-   Frequently castigated faithful adherents to the Catholic faith as obsessed, neo-pelegian, self-absorbed, restorationist, fundamentalist, rigid, ideological, hypocritical. In many interviews and homilies, has used condemning language calling them idolaters and rebels who will never arrive at the fullness of truth.

-   Had no comment on the many allegations of sex abuse of Cardinal McCarrick, but spoke up quickly when it came to ocean pollution.


*   Being a social justice warrior.[28]

-   In January of 2020, said the Church is obliged to become more modern, to be with the poor and the weak, not with the rich and strong.[29]

-   In January of 2020, said the planet is under threat, that the climate must be our first priority as an emergency.[30]

-   Supports the US bishops on issues such as immigration and climate change, but does not instruct them to speak strongly about abortion and admonishing pro-abortion politicians.[31]

-   Supports Black Lives Matter, an anarchist anti-Christian group.[32]

-   Often implies that social justice is more important than doctrine.


*   Being a globalist.

-   Is in favor of a New World Order and one world government.[33]

-   Does not favor populist governments that are nationalistic but favors open borders and unrestricted immigration.

-   Condemned President Trump as not a Christian for building walls.[34]

-   Has had many population control pushers speaking at the Vatican, such as Paul Ehrlich (father of the population control movement), John Bongaarts (VP of the pro-abortion Population Council), UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Jeffrey Sachs, John Schellnhuber.

-   Is a staunch supporter of the United Nations, and insists that we all must support the UN. He is all in with the UN’s Social Development Goals, which include reproductive health and the forced acceptance of abortion and LGBT. He favors coercive powers for the UN.

-   In April 2020, proposed a universal basic wage.[35]

-   On May 2020, called for a multifaith day of prayer calling on the “All-Creator” God,[36] contributing to a syncretistic effort to create a one-world religion.


*   Allowed the Pachamama idol to be in the Vatican Gardens with Catholic clerics bowing down to a fertility goddess, in October 2019. The Pope blessed the idol. After it was taken and thrown into the Tiber, the Pope asked forgiveness for this latter act.


*   In December 2019, said that requests for a new Marian dogma on Mary as Co-Redemptrix are foolish and silly.[37]


*   Had secret Vatican agreement with China. Has resulted in greater persecution of Christians. A handing over of Church prerogative (appointment of bishops) to Communist atheists.[38] China is clearly working at sinicization of the church in China. The Bible is being rewritten to suit Communist ideology. Pictures of Jesus and Mary are being removed in favor of Mao and Xi.


*   While decrying how people insult others, has criticized Christians with severe insults. In 2013, the Catholic blogger Laurence England released “The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults,” an online collection of various epithets the Pope has fired at various targets over the years.[39]


*   Has not been a defender of Christian civilization and the Judeo-Christian culture but has become an enabler for enemies of the Church.

-   Support for LGBT and the homosexual agenda.

-   Support for atheist Communist China, the huge red dragon, with the Vatican-China secret agreement that resulted in further suppression of the authentic Church in China.

-   Support for Islam, which is opposed to Christianity and seeks to destroy it.

-   Support for unrestricted, open borders immigration, flooding Christian Europe with Islamists, many of them radical and with no intent to integrate into societies.

-   Support for the United Nations and its Social Development Goals, which include aggressive promotion of abortion and LGBT.

-   Support for socialist policies such as restriction of private property and the free market economy.

-   Support for climate change alarmism, which has no basis in scientific fact.

-   Support for a New World Order with Freemasonic values and principles.

-   Support for the Democratic Party of DEATH,[40] by labeling Trump as not a Christian and keeping quiet about the horrific pro-abortion fake Catholics in politics.



Amoris Laetitia (post-synodal apostolic exhortation in March 2016)

*   Ignored the dubia of four Cardinals.

*   The bishops of Germany, Argentina and Malta have said that AL allows for communion for the divorced and remarried, and Pope Francis has said that their interpretation is the correct one. So is our Church going the direction of allowing holy Communion to those in irregular unions?

*   Stresses accompaniment. Is this political correctness, where the sinner is just accepted, welcomed, embraced and accompanied, but without speaking of his sin?

*   Emphasizes conscience but with the notion that the moral law is merely an ideal, thus effectively eliminating the notion of intrinsic moral evil.

*   #296: “The way of the Church is not to condemn anyone for ever.” #297: “No one can be condemned for ever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!" This has been used to claim that everyone in the end will be saved, or even that there is no hell. Is this not a false and dangerous proposition?

*   #301: “Hence it can no longer simply be said that all those in any “irregular” situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace.” If they are having sex, is that not serious sin? Do we still accept that there is an objective situation of grave habitual sin, in this case adultery?

*   #303 on conscience. Is this about situation ethics? Is there no longer universal and binding moral norms? Does this not deny that certain acts are intrinsically evil?

*   Footnote #351: “the Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.” Agreed. However, this should apply to those who are sinners but who desire to repent and amend their lives. Is it applicable to those in irregular unions who persist in an objective state of grave sin?


Fratelli Tutti (papal encyclical on October 2020)

The phrase “Fratelli Tutti” is taken from the admonition of St Francis of Assisi to his brother friars. Introducing his encyclical by comparing St Francis’ visit to Sultan Malik-el-Kamil in Egypt in 1219, the Pope argues that St Francis did not intend to convert Muslims to Christianity but to express fraternal openness and to inspire the vision of a fraternal society.[41]

*   Calls for a new world order where all are brothers and sisters.

*   Charity is not first and foremost about love of God but rather asserts that human fulfillment lies in being a sincere gift to others.

*   Chapter 3 is subtitled “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”[42] These are principles of the Enlightenment (liberté,[43] egalité,[44] fraternité[45]) and the anti-Catholic and ultra-violent French Revolution.[46]

*   Subordination of private property to the universal destination of the earth’s goods and thus the right of all to their use. This is not the solidarity and sharing of the first Christian community but more of socialism or even Communism.

*   Looks to equality for all. This is egalitarianism.

*   Says the death penalty is inadmissible. But the death penalty has always been accepted by Catholic teaching.[47]

Fratelli Tutti has been described as attempting to create a man-made utopia as a substitute for the Kingdom of God.


SUMMARY of where the Pope seems to be going.

Modernism, liberalism (more particularly, leftism), secular humanism, relativism. The city of man over the city of God.

*   Globalism.

-   Support for New World Order and one-world government.

-   Universal brotherhood of all men.

-   Syncretist acceptance of all religions.

-   Open borders, unfettered immigration.

-   Rule by unelected elites, such as the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum.

-   Collaboration with population control advocates.

-   Climate change alarmism and hysteria.

-   Socialism.

*   Overturning of Church teachings and abandonment of the Church’s mission.

-   Social justice issues of greater importance than issues of morality.

-   Acceptance of LGBT and irregular unions.

-   Abandonment of missionary thrust.

-   All religions acceptable. No longer the preeminence of the one true faith.[48]


An interesting point: The 3 greatest threats to Judeo-Christian faith today are (1) Western liberalism, (2) Islamic fundamentalism,[49] and (3) atheistic Communism. Why is Pope Francis seemingly tolerant and accommodating of all three?



According to Pope St Pius X, Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies.[51] What are some basic components of Modernism?

*   Secularism and universal fraternity. All religions are equal. All religious paths lead to God. Reality  John 14:6.

*   Religion is not about dogma but about sentimentality and feelings. Religion is about what makes you feel good.

*   The historical Jesus is not necessarily the Jesus of the Gospels. Sacred scripture is demythologized. The supernatural is rejected. Miracles are rejected.

*   Doctrine evolves. Dogma evolves into whatever accommodates the needs of the current culture. Moral relativism.

*   Orthodox terminology is maintained, but the definitions of the terms are changed.


The origins of Modernism:

*   The Protestant Reformation of 1517. Rejected the Magisterium and replaced it with the individual.

*   The Enlightenment and the French Revolution of 1789. Rejected all divine revelation and exalted man’s ability, by reason alone, to determine what is true in matters of faith and morals. Thus the individual and not God or the Magisterium determines what is true.

*   Early 20th century theologians. Such as Alfred Loisy and George Tyrrell, who were eventually excommunicated.


How do you recognize a modernist? The focus is on man and not God, on the secular and not the spiritual, on the natural and not the supernatural.



(1) The lens by which we judge persons, words, deeds, writings, programs, ministries, orgs, etc., is the lens of faith, family and life. If it is pro-God, pro-family or pro-life, then OK with us. If it is anti-God, anti-family or anti-life, it is not OK with us.

(2) The greatest enemies of the New World Order are [a] the Catholic Church which stands for Judeo-Christian values, and [b] the family which provides education, autonomy, independence from the state, and formation in Christian values. The greatest sin today, promoted by the NWO, is the murder of the unborn. We must stand in defense of faith, family and life. We confront these modern-day assaults on God’s design.


Questions for us:

(1) Is there cause for concern about words and acts of Pope Francis?

(2) If yes, do these words and acts weaken or even threaten our faith and our Church?

(3) If yes, is it right, or even required, for faithful Catholics to speak out?

(4) If yes, how should we as faithful Catholics proceed?


“But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Lk 18:8b).


*     *     *



Q: Is it right to criticize the Pope?[52]

A: It is not wrong to criticize anyone who is in error, especially if such error adversely affects our personal and communal well-being in Christ. Remember that Jesus himself called Peter, the first Pope, Satan (Mt 16:23).


Q: Who are we to criticize the Pope?[53]

A: We are baptized Catholics who participate in the ministry of Jesus as priest, prophet and king. The Church belongs to all of us, and all of us have the responsibility to work for the well-being of our Church.


Q: Who gets to decide if what the Pope teaches is right or wrong?

A: While in many cases we can look to the Bible and to the age-old teachings of our Church, this can be a challenge, but it should not prevent sincere disagreement that seeks to understand what is authentic faith.


Q: Should we not just obey the Pope as head of our Church?

A: Faithful Catholics actually have an obligation not to obey the Pope if he clearly contradicts perennial teachings of the Church. We obey God and not man (Acts 5:29). We cannot just quietly stand by while our Church goes in the wrong direction.


Q: Should we not just allow the hierarchy to take care of whatever problems or deviations from faith there might be?

A: Part of the problem is with the hierarchy itself. A major reason our Church is in bad shape today is the decades of pastoral neglect, cover-ups of wrongdoing, a continued veering to the left, and lack of accountability. If the lay people will call out wrongdoing, that would help cleanse the Church.


Q: Does such criticism cast suspicion on every churchman, and create an atmosphere that fails to give the benefit of the doubt to many?

A: This can happen, but in light of the very serious and deteriorating situation in our Church, the truth has to be known. The option of keeping things in the dark or to remain silent is not Biblically correct.


Q: Will such criticism further weaken our Church?

A: As it is now, our Church continues to weaken day by day. Such criticism, if it educates those who remain faithful to the faith, can help keep Catholics on the right track, thus contributing to the strengthening of our Church.


Q: Will this get lay Catholics into trouble with the hierarchy?

A: It could. But is that not the fate of prophets? We as laity do have a prophetic function by virtue of our Baptism. On the other hand, there hopefully are many conservative and orthodox clerics and prelates that are bothered with the state of things as well, but just cannot be open about it due to their situation. The laity need to step up and forward. May all faithful Catholics come together to defend faith, family and life.


Q: If lay Catholics get into trouble with the hierarchy, will this adversely affect their work and mission?

A: It could. But knowing that we are orthodox in our faith and zealous for the missionary work of our Church, we simply do what is right and carry on with our mission. We put our trust in Jesus who called us and sent us forth.


*     *     *


[1] Paraphrase of remarks of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner in July 2017.

[2] What does it say when those who applaud you are homosexualists, abortionists, liberals, globalists, the Democratic Party of DEATH, Freemasons, climate alarmists, NWO ideologues, etc.?

[3] Such education is not just with regard to learning about current developments (which most lay Catholics would be unaware of), but about understanding aspects of our faith, especially those aspects under assault by heterodoxy.

[4] Pope Francis has said that those who constantly criticize the Catholic Church are “the friends, cousins and relatives of the devil.” My criticism is not of our Church but of those who are within our Church who say and do things that weaken her.

[5] This is not to say that Pope Francis is even remotely like these bad popes, but just that there indeed have been bad popes.

[6] He became Pope three times (1032-1044, 1045, 1047-1048).

[7] Future saints described him as a “demon from hell” and “so vile, so foul, so execrable that I shudder to think of it.”

[8] Indulgences were granted to gain forgiveness of sins.

[9] It is interesting that Jesus rebuked Peter for “thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.” This is a classic example of Modernism.

[10] Again, this is a case of Modernism, where Peter looked to human approval as against looking to the truth of the gospel with regard to eating with Gentiles (Gal 2:12-14).

[11] He did 70,000 exorcisms over 30 years.

[12] Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, personal papal theologian to Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II, said that in the third secret, it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church would begin at the top.

[13] We can judge (1 Cor 6:2-3). We can judge but not be judgmental (Lk 6:37). Simon the Pharisee judged the situation of the sinful woman and Jesus approved (Lk 7:43). We can judge but do so justly (Jn 7:24).

[14] Versus his snub of the 4 Cardinals with regard to the dubia. Fr Martin quickly used this interview to his advantage, showing the world that the Pope was fully supportive of his stand on homosexuality.

[15] In this particular incident, Pope Francis is wrong in many different ways, all grave. (1) He in effect is supportive of gay unions, and with continued sodomy. (2) He is supportive of surrogacy. (3) He approves of artificial insemination. (4) He approves of depriving a child of its right to a natural mother and father. (5) He affirms that homosexuals have a right to have a family. (6) He has enabled this couple to remain in their sin and thus endanger their souls for eternity. (7) He ends up giving support to an LGBT activist organization committed to overturn Catholic doctrine. (8) He has confused the Catholic faithful and empowered LGBT ideologues. (9) He has caused public scandal. (10) He violated Italian law, which protects women from being commodified as surrogate mothers.

[16] The Pope is against abortion.

[17] What made this worse was that the Pope was against Trump, who is very much pro-God, pro-family and pro-life, the complete antithesis of Biden.

[18] Per interview with Eugenio Scalfari.

[19] It was Judas who kissed Jesus, as it was the signal for those who would arrest him. See Matthew 26:48-50.

[20] Per Abu Dhabi Statement on Human Fraternity in February 2019, as jointly declared by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam.

[21] This contradicts Acts 4:12.

[22] Dismissed the need for Catholic conversion and made comparison to the Crusades, in interaction with 2 pupils of Pilo Albertelli High School in December 2019. Reality: to proselytize, that is, to make converts, is precisely the mission given by Jesus to the Church (Matthew 28:19).

[23] Starting from the truth that Christ died for all men, reached a double false conclusion that we are not to convert unbelievers and that Jesus’ death justifies everyone.

[24] Belief that all humankind will eventually be saved.

[25] The Pope wanted to change the words of the Lord’s Prayer, “and lead us not into temptation.”

[26] Sacred scripture, sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church for 2,000 years have upheld the intrinsic legitimacy of the death penalty for grave crimes against the common good of Church or State. Since the legitimacy in principle of capital punishment is the consistent teaching of the Magisterium for two millennia, contradicting Scripture and tradition on this point casts doubt on the credibility of the Magisterium in general.

[27] At Angelus of June 2, 2013, and at homily in Christ the Redeemer Square in Bolivia in 2015.

[28] Nothing wrong with being concerned about social justice, but the so-called “social justice warriors” do work with the poor and oppressed but in the process violate morality and the righteousness of God (for example, pushing abortion and LGBT on the poor). Concern for the salvation of souls is replaced by concern for social well-being and welfare. Human rights have become the ideal point of reference and compass for the Church while the rights of God and of tradition have almost gone.

[29] In interview with Eugenio Scalfari.

[30] In interview with Eugenio Scalfari. Reality: climate change hysteria or alarmism is a hoax. In 1970, Harvard biologist George Wald said civilization would end within 15 to 30 years. Senator Gaylord Nelson predicted in 1970 that within 25 years 75% to 80% of all animals would be extinct. Obama science adviser John Holdren said in 1971 that 1 billion would die of famines by 2020 due to a new ice age. Population expert Paul Ehrlich said that by the year 2000 England would not exist. The Club of Rome claimed in 1972 that the world would run out of oil by 2003.

[31] In April 2018, the Pope chastised those who would see abortion as a more important issue than migration.

[32] Manifested by his phone call to the bishop who knelt with a BLM sign in front of him, signifying his support. With all the things happening in the world, did the Pope even have to make a personal phone call to this bishop?

[33] This is the aim of globalists that are depopulationists. This is also a Freemasonic value.

[34] Until the Vatican tears down its walls and allows just anyone to enter Vatican City, this is hypocrisy.

[35] Basically this is about citizens receiving regular wage from the state without having to work. This is contrary to Paul’s admonition in 2 Thessalonians 3:10. This is also contrary to Christian value for honest labor. This will lead to socialism or even Communism.

[36] In effect asking Catholics to unite themselves on the level of spirit with those who worship idols and demons or who venerate false prophets that deny the divinity of Jesus.

[37] But Saint Pope John Paul II approves of this. Religious congregations disagree, with the Franciscans in favor and the Dominicans opposed. But Mary as Co-Redemptrix has been part of Catholic tradition for centuries since the 14th century. At one time, 55 Cardinals and 518 bishops formally petitioned the Holy See about this.

[38] Pope Francis will still appoint, but only with the approval of Chinese authorities.

[39] A sampling: Mr & Mrs Whiner, superficial Christian, sloth-diseased, climbers attached to money, pretender, cursed, criminal, men who work war, fomenter of coprophilia, rigid, pepper-faced, liquid, weak-hoped, museum mummies, old maids, vain, wheeler-dealers, little monsters, smarmy idolaters.

[40] “DEATH” is an acronym for divorce, euthanasia, abortion, total population control and homosexual relationships.

[41] There is no comparison at all to the two visits. St Francis sought to convert the sultan; Pope Francis sought to make accommodations with the Grand Imam. St Francis pronounced the one true faith; Pope Francis said all faiths are meritorious. St Francis focused on God and His command to evangelize; Pope Francis focused on man and condemns proselytism.

[42] Serious distortion of the concept of fraternity, which is only possible in Christ if one has God as his Father through baptism.

[43] Freedom of man from any divine revelation or commandment. One fruit: the Sexual Revolution.

[44] Absolute equality that abolishes any social distinction or religious hierarchy. One fruit: no difference between the sexes.

[45] Brotherhood of man that eliminates distinctions on the basis of religion. One fruit: religious indifferentism. All religions lead to the divine.

[46] The encyclical is met with enthusiasm from Freemasons, who say the Pope embraces universal brotherhood, which is the great principle of modern Freemasonry.

[47] See Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2266.

[48] The decorations on the Vatican Christmas tree in St Peter’s Square in 2017 was devoid of Christian religious symbols such as angels, but rather had peace signs and the oriental yin-yang symbol.

[49] The Pope promotes Islam as a religion of peace and justice, when it is not, and worse, has a murderous ideology.

[50] An egregious example of Modernism is the current nativity scene of the Vatican, which replaces the traditional with the modern. The scene uses contemporary ceramic figures that include a Muslim imam, a Jewish rabbi, Assyrian-Babylonian beards of the Magi, an executioner (protest against the death penalty?), and even a spaceman.

[51] The Church has officially condemned Modernism in the following documents: Lamentabili Sane and Paschendi Dominici Gregis, both by Pope St Pius X in 1907.

[52] Bp Athanasius Schneider: “The Pope is not God, after all. He is not sinless. The Pope is a sinner like all of us. The great saints were grateful when they were admonished and called to repentance.”

[53] Bp Athanasius Schneider: Since the Church is like a family, a father “can be called to penance by his children in obviously well-reasoned cases, and this for the sake of his own salvation and that of the entire family.”

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