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A Synodal Church (Quo Vadis Pope Francis Part 204)

Pope Francis calls for a Church open to everyone. Yes, the Church has always been open to everyone. However, to join the body of Christ, there are requirements. One must be baptized, which includes repentance of sin.

The Pope says synodality is what God expects of the Church today. The Pope has been wrong on many things, and even has given heretical teachings. So does he really know what God expects? He says a synodal Church is the will of God. Just as it is the will of God for some people to be born gay, for same-sex unions to be blessed, for sinners not to have to repent but just be embraced and accepted, for proselytism (conversion) to be stopped?

The Pope says the Church is either synodal or it is not Church. But for two millennia the Church has been hierarchical, not a democratic institution.

The Pope says being synodal means walking together on the same road. But the Church has always been comprised of pilgrims walking together to heaven. The second greatest commandment is love of neighbor. But as we read in the Bible, there are two roads—the wide and the narrow. The Pope, with his liberalism and modernism, is taking the Church to the wide road of perdition.

The Pope highlights key words such as listening and hearing. But neglects even more key words such as repentance and righteousness.

The Pope says we need to open the doors to those outside the Church. Indeed. But that does not mean unrepentant sinners, atheists and heretics get to join the Church. The doors are open, but there are entry requirements, as taught by Jesus.

The Pope says it is a process of listening to the Holy Spirit and about prayer. So does the Holy Spirit speak through unrepentant sinners, pro-aborts, promoters of homosexuality? Do they even pray? Will they pass on what comes from the Holy Spirit or from the unholy and malevolent spirit?

The Pope says we should be ever faithful to the gospel and courageous in preaching it. Yes, but what is the authentic gospel? Is it the gospel of salvation in Jesus, or the “gospel” of the culture of the age? Will we be faithful to the city of God or the city of man? Is the gospel just about social justice issues (such as immigration and climate change) or about the righteousness of God and the call to holiness? And what are we to preach, when the Pope says it is wrong to proselytize (which just means to make converts)?


Pope says God ‘expects’ the Church to be ‘synodal’ and ‘open to everyone’

The promotion of synodality comes days before an influential document is set to be released to guide the next stage of the process.

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis has called for a “Church open to everyone” which is marked by a “synodal style,” claiming that “this is what God expects” of the Church today.

The Pontiff made his comments as part of the “Pope Video” project, which released a new video and prayer intention every month.

October’s intention is for a “Church open to everyone,” and focuses on the Synod on Synodality – linked in part to the key document which will guide the next stage of the synod being released later this month. It is also now 12 months since the multi-year event was launched in October 2021.

The “synodal” style has been described by Newark’s Cardinal Joseph Tobin as Francis’ “long-game” plan to effect change in the Church. Indeed, Francis has previously stated that “the Church is either synodal or it is not Church.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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