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Abp Andre-Joseph Leonard of Belgium (Orthodox Bishops Part 25)

Abp Leonard of Belgium resigned upon reaching the mandatory retirement of 75 years old, which Pope Francis accepted within 4 weeks. He was replaced by a bishop who now promotes blessings for same-sex couples. He warns about Synodal innovations that are against authentic Catholic teaching. He also criticizes the Pope’s telling the faithful not to proselytize (that is, make converts).

Belgian archbishop warns Catholic doctrine is under ‘threat’ from false teaching, Synodality

Abp. Léonard, the former primate of Belgium, stated that current forms of 'pastoral care' represent a 'threat' to the Catholic Church's teaching.

The former primate of Belgium, Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard, has warned that fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith are under “threat” due to misguided “pastoral care” and the Synod on Synodality.

Léonard made his comments in an interview with the National Catholic Register, in which he reflected on the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI as well as wider issues surrounding the Catholic Church.

Léonard – appointed bishop of Namur in 1991 aged 51 and then as archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels in 2010 – is known for his defense of Catholic teaching.

Asked about Catholic teaching on issues such as “female priesthood, marriage of priests and the blessing of homosexual couples,” the former primate of Belgium stated that they were under attack.

“Do you think that the teachings of the Church about these topics are really threatened at the present time?” asked the Register’s Solène Tadié.

“Yes, this threat exists,” replied Léonard. He noted that such a “threat” is already present in a version of “pastoral care” which is a deviation of a truly Catholic form of teaching.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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