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Be Men (Our Theme for 2023 Part 13)

February 3, 2023

There are many different translations of the Bible. Some modern ones adapt words and phrases to the current culture. Others, the liberal ones, try to avoid specific references to male-female gender. While these adaptations can be helpful in some cases, it is always useful to know what are the literal words used originally by the inspired writer.

Here is something interesting about our theme verse (the first part), which reads, “Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.” (New American Bible). All other translations would convey the same thought, except for the phrase “Be courageous” (or “be brave”). Many translations render this phrase as “be like men.”

Here is a sampling (there are others).

  • Douay-Rheims Version: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, do manfully, and be strengthened.”

  • King James Version: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

  • English Standard Version: “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”

  • American Standard Version: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

  • New American Standard Version: “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”

  • World English Bible: “Watch! Stand firm in the faith! Be men! Be strong!”

  • Orthodox Jewish Bible: “Watch, stand firm in the faith, be men, be strong.”

  • Hebrew Names Version: “Watch! Stand firm in the faith! Be men! Be strong!”

In these translations, the men are specifically singled out. This is important, since unlike the thrust of radical feminists and gender equality ideologues, men have a special place in spiritual war in particular, and in Christian mission in general.

  • Jesus of course was a man.

  • All his apostles were men. But the acclaimed “The Chosen” has Mary Magdalene as an apostle. This of course is not biblical.

  • The Catholic priesthood is reserved for men. The liberals/modernists would like to overturn this and open the priesthood to women.

  • The man is the head of the family. Radical feminists reject roles of headship and submission, and many effeminized men have yielded their role.

In spiritual war, with the enemy assaulting families and the Church, men need to recognize and live out their role. This is according to God’s design. Women of course, as partners in the family and co-workers in the Kingdom, also engage in spiritual war. But the men need to be at the forefront in assaulting the gates of the enemy. They need to lead. The man is the priest, provider, protection and governor. In all these, men need to be courageous.

As such, be men!

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