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Conversion Therapy (Assaults on Faith, Family, and Life Part 11)

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Conversion therapy has proven successful in many instances, with the result that those who claim to be gay are brought back to normal. The LGBT radicals do not like this. So more and more, they move to criminalize such therapy.

The Toledo City Council proclaims its city as “welcoming, inclusive and safe.” That means welcoming and inclusive of all genders and all sorts of sexual deviants. That means safe from authentic Christians who might want to help bring them to conversion.


Ohio city bans conversion therapy

In a 12-0 vote, the city council in Toledo, Ohio, has made it a crime for a mental health provider to “engage in sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts with any person.”

Health care providers can be fined up to $250 per day for violating the ordinance.

The Toledo Blade reported that the law is the first total ban on conversion therapy. Laws elsewhere in the nation have forbidden health care professionals from engaging in such therapy with minors.

In a separate resolution, the city council unanimously characterized Toledo as “a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community for all residents.”


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