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Desecrating St John Lateran (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 259)

What cleric would you say should be the most undeserving to celebrate Mass at the “Mother of All the Churches of Rome and of the World? St John Lateran is also the seat of the bishop of Rome, the Pope. It is technically ranked as more important for Catholics than the Vatican.

So what pastor should be excluded? One who is not Catholic! One who is a Freemason! One who is divorced and remarried. All of the above is Bp Johnathan Baker, who did celebrate a Mass with 30 of his clergymen.

Such a desecration of our Mother Church! A Freemason is one who actively seeks to destroy the Catholic Church! One who is divorced and remarried is helping pave the way to acceptance of such in the Church, thus greatly weakening the sacrament of Marriage.

Pope Francis gave permission to them to have the Mass and later personally met with them. The Pope is of course well known at promoting Christian Unity. But it is not about all Christians becoming Catholics of the one true faith, but as an international assemblage of Christian religions, a number of them worshiping different gods. In truth, as one pious Catholic has observed, Pope Francis is a liberal Protestant, not a Catholic. What he is setting up is the religion for the New World Order.

Freemason Anglican bishop celebrates ‘Mass’ in papal basilica with Protestant clergy

Vatican authorities gave the Anglican clergy permission to say ‘Mass’ in St. John Lateran’s, the ‘Mother of all the Churches of Rome and of the world.’ Pope Francis later greeted the group after his weekly general audience.

Led by a “re-married” Freemason, over 30 Anglican clergymen celebrated “Mass” in the Papal Basilica of St. John Lateran this week, sparking outrage among faithful Catholics.

On April 18, a group of Anglican clergy from the Anglican suffragan Diocese of Fulham, England, were granted permission to celebrate a liturgy in the historic Basilica of St. John Lateran. Led by their bishop, Johnathan Baker of Fulham, over 30 clergymen took part in the event, which was held at the altar of the cathedra in the basilica.

Footage from one of the participants shows the clergymen processing up to the altar, kissing it, and then moving across to the choir stalls. Baker, who has led the Anglican see of Fulham since 2013, can be seen leading the “Mass.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.


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