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Freedom Convoy 2022

Updated: Apr 6, 2022


A hermit observing the world from his cave

Something very big is happening in Canada right now. If you are not aware, you are missing a most momentous event in history. It is 50,000 truck drivers converging on the capital Ottawa from all over the nation, to protest vaccine mandates and government overreach.

I think of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines in 1986, which toppled a dictatorship. That was a peaceful event where Filipinos converged on EDSA in the millions. That peaceful revolution became the inspiration and model for many other peaceful uprisings throughout the world. In Germany, South Korea, Romania, Czechoslovakia. Peoples all fought for their rights and for freedom.

In Canada, the people are on massive turnout, lining the streets, waving on and cheering the truckers, giving them food and provisions. Young and old, of all races and colors, of diverse faiths, including the indigenous, whole families, all desiring to have their freedom back. Dancing in the plazas. Fireworks. Singing “O Canada.” Peaceful, joyful, prayerful, united, courageous, hopeful. What amazing sights to see! Beautiful. Inspiring. Truly heart-warming.

Then there is massive prayer cover by many throughout Canada and the world. As in EDSA, God and Mother Mary acted and liberated the people.

God bless Canada and her true patriots.



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