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Godly Russia versus Corrupt West on LGBT (In Hoc Signo Vinces Part 25)

Why does the corrupt West hate Russia so much? Because Russian values are totally opposite theirs. The unholy grails of the liberal West are abortion and LGBT. As we have seen, they will fight tooth and nail to propagate their infernal ideology on the whole world.

This total ban on LGBT propaganda is the way to go! No room can be given to the West for corrupting society with diabolical LGBT ideology. They are experts at undermining society.

So the West is corrupt, and is anti-God, anti-Church, anti-family and anti-life. Russia on the other hand is pro-God, pro-Church, pro-family and pro-life. The battle lines are drawn.


Russian lawmakers considering total ban on LGBT ‘propaganda’

'Public approval and recognition of 'LGBT' relationships are dangerous not only for children and young people … but for the whole society,' argued Russian legislators.

State Duma of the Russian Federation, Moscow, RussiaFedotovAnatoly/Getty Images

David McLoone MOSCOW (LifeSiteNews) – The Russian Parliament is considering a bill to expand its current law against “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” being aimed at children to include any material considered “LGBT propaganda” being shown on television or published online.

Lawmakers at Russia’s State Duma submitted amendments to Parliament “regarding the prohibition of information promoting non-traditional sexual relations” on Monday. Arguing for an outright ban on all LGBT “propaganda,” Duma information committee head Alexander Khinshtein said that the current 2013 law, which only bans the promotion of such materials to minors, should apply “regardless of the age of the audience (offline, in the media, on the internet, social networks and online cinemas).”

An accompanying note to the proposal explained that in Russia, “at the legislative level, it is not allowed to promote suicide, drugs, extremism, [or] criminal behavior, as they are considered negative and socially dangerous phenomena,” Russian news network RT reported.

However, the authors of the bill recognized that there is no ban on “the denial of family values and non-traditional sexual relations, including with the use of film distribution,” which they said should belong to the category of “socially dangerous” since the promotion of such “childfree” lifestyles “puts the issues of demography and future economic growth at risk.” READ: Russian court fines TikTok, Facebook for not deleting posts containing LGBT ideology

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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