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Holy War (Holy Warriors Part 8)

Today’s reading: Psalm 48:2-8

The Bible often speaks of holy war, where God and the enemies of God are in direct conflict. Thus proclaims the psalm of the Korahites, which praises the holy city as the invincible dwelling place of God, unconquerable, defeating all enemies. “God is in its citadel, renowned as a stronghold. See! The kings assembled, together they advanced. When they looked they were astounded; terrified, they were put to flight!” (v.4-6).

The Divine Warrior is victorious over hostile kings. “Your right hand is fully victorious.” (v.11b). In fact, in this case, the enemies panic and flee at the sight of divine glory.

Such is the spiritual war we find ourselves in. God is already victorious. God defeats all His enemies. We share in that victory. But we must become holy warriors, formed in righteousness, fighting God’s battles and not merely ours, using God’s weapons and not merely human resources.

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