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Our Great Calling (Thought for the Day Part 24)

Today’s reading: Romans 9:1-5

What a great calling we have as Christians, as Catholics, as CFC-FFL. Christians are the new Israel. Christians are successors to the promises and plan of God for His people.

What is the supreme blessing upon Israel? “They are Israelites; theirs the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises; theirs the patriarchs, and from them, according to the flesh, is the Messiah.” (v.4-5a). Awesome. They had it all.

But Israel rejected Jesus, and so God moved on. God established the Christian Church. But many Christians eventually rejected the one true Church established by God, the holy Roman Catholic Church. And so there was division. Now within the Catholic Church, God raised CFC. But some veered away, and so there was division, resulting in the establishment of the CFC faithful to its charism and led by its founder, which is CFC-FFL. Now, within CFC-FFL, there are still those who do not live out the fullness of its vision and mission. And so our community does not move forward as one in the fullness of power in the Holy Spirit.

Do we realize how awesome is our calling? Part of the New Israel. Part of the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church. Part of CFC as one of the new ecclesial movements for the work of the third millennium, engaged in rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization. Part of CFC-FFL which has entered deeply into the heart of the Church and now offers itself to help the Church mainstream Catholic lay evangelization.

How can we not give our all to such generosity showered upon us by God? Through the years, and especially after the restoration in 2007, I have ceaselessly expounded on our life and mission. Like Paul, “I speak the truth in Christ, I do not lie” (v.1a). And like Paul, seeing some of our brethren not going all out for our mission, thus not enabling our community to fully offer the wonderful gift God has given us to share with the rest of His Church, “I have great sorrow and constant anguish in my heart.” (v.2).

How can we live out the fullness of God’s love for us? How can we fulfill our destiny according to the plan of God? When can we finally say, “God who is overall be blessed forever. Amen.” (v.5b)?

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