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Out Of One's Mind (Thought For The Day Part 46)

Gospel reading: Mark 3:20-21

Jesus was very busy during his public ministry, going out and ministering to people the whole day and days on end. When he came home, still the people gathered, such that he could not even eat (v.20). Jesus of course would then minister to the people, and even neglect his food and his rest.

“When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him, for they said, ‘He is out of his mind.’” (v.21). Jesus’ relatives, who had his well-being in mind, decided to intervene. Why? Because they thought Jesus was out of his mind, that Jesus did not know what was good for himself, that Jesus could not properly care for himself.

The relatives of Jesus judged the situation from the human point of view, one that is of the world. To them it was not normal to deprive oneself in order to just serve others. To them human needs, such as food and sleep, were of greater priority than spiritual work, for the needs of the Kingdom. To them, the first priority is self, then others.

But in the Kingdom of God it is the opposite. God first, then everything else after. Look to the needs of others even before your own. Deny self, even of the necessities of life, in order to serve.

How about you? Do your relatives—spouse, kids, parents, siblings—think you are crazy when they see what you do and give for the Kingdom? Do they try to dissuade you from giving even more of yourself?

Well, we indeed should be fools for Christ. We indeed should not conform to the values of the world, even the seemingly reasonable ones, as we respond crazily to God’s call.

* * *

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