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Pelosi Denied Holy Communion - Part 2 (Under the Fig Tree Part 16)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was denied Holy Communion by her bishop, Abp Cordileone.This was for the good of her soul. But she has defied her bishop, attacking him, lecturing the Church about the Bible, and then going on to receive Communion at a liberal parish. So she continues on her trajectory to hell, even as she continues to claim that she is a devout Catholic.

I suppose no one would deliberately want to go to hell. So Pelosi clearly disbelieves what her bishop is telling her. Whose fault is this? First, it is the fault of the liberal cleric or bishop who tells her it is OK to be rabidly pro-abort and still receive Holy Communion.

But these liberal clerics believe what they tell her. So whose fault is that? It is the fault of the

US bishops who collectively do not state the clear teaching of the Church about abortion being a grievous sin, and as such, Catholics cannot be in favor of abortion. But remaining silent or even commending pro-aborts as they receive Communion says otherwise.

Now some US bishops came out in support of Abp Cordileone, but the majority remain

silent. They are either liberals who believe in the lie, or know the truth but are afraid to speak

out. If so, they are failing in their primary duty to safeguard the flock from evil.

But if there are liberal bishops (and there are a lot of them throughout the whole Church)

and they are not being corrected, whose fault is that? Is the fault of Pope Francis. He does not weigh in on this important issue. He does not correct liberal bishops. Well, he himself is liberal and modernist in his teachings. So are we at the end of spiritual relief from all this evil?

I’d like to take it a step further. It does not end with the Pope, as it is the duty of every

faithful Catholic to defend the authentic faith. This includes the lay faithful. The lay are called to be knowledgeable in the faith, and to be prophetic in its defense. They must call out egregious wrong, whether of Pelosi, or the liberal cleric, or the complicit bishop, or the modernist Pope.

We are our brother’s keeper. Abortion is an evil that cries out to heaven for justice. We are

to be the voices that cry out. Our sister in Christ Nancy Pelosi is on her way to hell. When she

goes there, it could be our fault as well.



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