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Philippines Rejects UN Demand to Allow Abortions (And You Will Know the Truth Part 59)

Let us be clear: the enemy is the USA and the EU and the UN, which are rabidly pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality. How arrogant these colonialist powers are, imposing death upon our children.

Let us not have any romantic notions about the West, which is the Great Satan. They are not our friends nor are they interested in our welfare in any way. They are a diabolical force heaped by the evil one upon the world.

Philippines Government Rejects UN Demand to Allow Abortions

Philippine leaders rejected pressure from the United Nations again last week to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions in their country.

The Manila Times reports Philippine Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla said the pro-abortion recommendation from the United Nations Human Rights Council last week in Geneva conflicts with his nation’s values.

“Culturally, our values may conflict with many of the values that [Western countries] want to impose upon us. We are not ready for that, culturally we are not ready for that. That is our position right now,” Remulla said Monday in a statement to the press.

While the Asian country agreed with most of the UN recommendations on human rights, he said a few were “not acceptable,” including the legalization of abortion, same-sex marriage and divorce, The Diplomat reports.

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“It’s a matter of policy whether we accept it or not, and I think we know as a country, we are not ready for that,” Remulla said.

The Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, protects unborn babies by banning abortions. But, like other pro-life countries, its leaders continue to face intense pressure from rich world powers to legalize abortion on demand.

After the UN meeting last week, Philippine Justice Undersecretary Raul Vasquez criticized pro-abortion leaders for picking on his country because its laws protect babies in the womb.

“These are the usual countries that always pick on the Philippines. These are the rich countries from Europe that are very, very high on individual rights and have no notion of community rights. But I think we did very well,” Vasquez said, according to The Manila Times.

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