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Pope Francis and Giorga Meloni (Quo Vadis Pope Francis Part 202)

Giorgia Meloni is a firebrand who is a conservative and who vows to defend God, country and family. She identifies herself as Christian, woman and mother. She is pro-life and pro-family. She speaks against the totalitarian elites that promote gender ideology and negate national identity. The EU is already so threatened that the President of the European Commission is already threatening Italy with sanctions if it deviates from EU norms and values.

And then there is Pope Francis, who is totally aligned with the EU and the totalitarian elites of the New World Order. So a liberal Pope’s values will be confronted by a conservative Catholic laywoman’s Christian values. If the Pope will not defend faith, family and life, perhaps this laywoman will. Italy will be a fitting battleground.


Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy suggests a challenge to the Pope’s leftist preferences

The real problem with Meloni’s election for progressive Catholics appears to be that she could 'strengthen opposition to Francis and severely limit the social and political reception of his pontificate’s core message.'

(The Catholic Thing) – If exit polls hold, Italy has elected its first female prime minister, Giorgia Meloni. The usual liberal voices will not be celebrating. Normally, Italian elections are of little interest. Since 1945, there have been seventy Italian governments – almost one a year, which might suggest instability. But Italians often say that the system is too stable.

General elections just reshuffle members of the political class, which rarely change very much. Except maybe this time. A populist Italian prime minister (“extreme right,” “neo-fascist” in the mainstream media, of course) will have significant repercussions for Europe and America, and even the Catholic Church.

A prominent Italian theologian, now living in the United States has argued recently that Meloni’s election may “hurt Francis”: “The campaign has been vulgar and trashy, and all of the substantial issues – from the war in Ukraine to climate change – have been ignored.”

This account of “all the substantial issues,” like much political analysis these days, leaves out a lot. Namely, questions that daily concern most Italians – like crime, out-of-control inflation, and illegal immigration – in a country struggling economically and bewildered, as many Western nations are, by radical social changes, making their country unrecognizable to many citizens.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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