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Pope Francis and Klaus Schwab (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 234)

Pope Francis and Klaus Schwab are kindred spirits. They both are liberal, modernist and globalist. They believe in a New World Order dominated by unelected totalitarian elites. They are both working to promote the Great Reset, which at its core is anti-life and anti-Christian, focusing on the well-being of man at the expense of the righteousness of God. Together they comprise Big Church and Big State coming together as one.

Vatican’s news outlet highlights Pope’s longstanding relationship with Klaus Schwab

Fr. Susak's comments to Vatican News served to further highlight the little known, but close, link between Pope Francis' Vatican and the global elite.

As the annual World Economic Forum takes place in Davos, Switzerland – gathering the global elite, wealthy and a host of anti-life and anti-freedom advocates – the Vatican’s news outlet is promoting the event as “presenting solutions” to world “crises.”

In an interview published January 19 on Vatican News, the local Catholic priest in Davos spoke about the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. It is taking place in its customary January spot, after having been held online in 2021 and then in May last year.

Father Kurt Susak, the parish priest in Davos for over ten years, stated that “everywhere you hear about crises. The world is somehow in crisis mode.” In the face of such crises, he added, the attendees at the WEF are “quite consciously” counting on the event “presenting solutions.”

Susak added the the WEF risked losing “its credibility and legitimacy if this meeting did not now also present solutions that are recognizable to the people and lead to an improvement in the many conflicts and challenges.”

Exactly what kind of solutions might be presented, Susak did not mention. However, as LifeSite has extensively reported, the WEF meetings have already highlighted how “access to abortion” is a key issue.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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