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Pro-gay Parish Welcomes LGBT (Assaults on Faith, Family, and Life Part 6)

Indeed all are welcome to our parishes, including sinners. But our parishes must not celebrate homosexuality and homosexual activism. A cross imposed on the rainbow flag? Same-sex unions as sacred? The parish displaying the rainbow flag on its social media pages? Allowing an openly-gay person to run cathedral parish education programs? All those are diabolical.


"That’s a very good thing," he said. McElroy was commenting on the Diocese of San Diego's recent synod on the family, after which he encouraged priests to give Holy Communion to the divorced and "remarried" and embrace "LGBT families."

St. John the Evangelist advertises on its Twitter page: "In worship and in sacrament, our Catholic parish is called to extend God's kingdom to young and old, gay and straight, single, married or divorced." Its rainbow Twitter profile photo reads, "All Are Welcome."

On November 18, the parish Facebook page advertised a "Modern Mass...where all people find a place at the table!" Its advertisement for the Mass featured a cross imposed on the rainbow flag, a universal symbol of homosexual activism.

St. John the Evangelist bulletins list Aaron Bianco as the young adult ministry leader.

Bianco's LinkedIn page lists him as a "Pastoral Associate" with Call to Action, a dissenting anti-Catholic group that opposes the Church's teaching on homosexuality, marriage, and the nature of the priesthood. In 2006, members of Call to Action were excommunicated over their dissenting advocacy.

Article published by St. John Evangelist Bulletin For the full article, click here.

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