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The Ukraine War Goes On Part 2 (Under The Fig Tree Part 39)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

The war in Ukraine could end right away, if only the USA, supported by the EU and NATO, would change course away from its disastrous intervention. What has the US persisted in doing, that continues to escalate the conflict?

  • It continues to pour billions of dollars in weaponry into Ukraine, paid by US taxpayers who do not agree with this war effort.

  • It enabled the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, thereby eliminating any possibility of Germany reverting to Russian gas.

  • It has sent 5,000 US soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division (the Screaming Eagles) to Romania.

What has the USA’s aggressive moves resulted in?

  • It has forced European nations into its corner against Russia, even as many European nations had not been antagonistic to Russia.

  • It has resulted in an energy crisis in Europe, threatening a debilitating winter, when relief could be easily secured from its eastern neighbor.

  • It has caused discontent resulting in massive demonstrations within some European nations against their governments, threatening stability.

  • It has split the world into West and East, with many in the rest of the world, aside from the US and Europe, being sympathetic to Russia, including Africa and the Middle East.

  • It has pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war, to World War III.

The question is why? Why is the USA under President Joe Biden so determined to push this war in Ukraine to its limits? There are many similar conflicts in the world where the USA has not intervened. On the other hand, the USA itself has engaged in over 400 military interventions throughout the world, in all the regions of the world. It has been said that there are only three countries the USA has not invaded—Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein.

Such aggression could simply be attributed to superpower domination. But Ukraine seems to be different. The USA is all-in and all-out. And the USA intends to fight to the last Ukrainian. What is America’s real concern? Or more specifically, what are the powers-that-be hiding?

Here it is.

  • The corruption of the Biden family, father and son, President Joe and Hunter. Remember Burisma? Then Vice-President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine if it did not remove a top prosecutor doing the investigation of corruption.

  • US biological malfeasance and violations of international law by way of the eight bio-labs it set up. These bio-labs are linked to COVID-19, Bill Gates’ Project 201, the Soros Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, USAID, the CIA, Prizer, Moderna, the CDC, and Fort Dietrick (center of US biological weapons program and linked to Wuhan). It is alleged that some of these bio-labs were targeting Russian Slavic DNA.

Further, this is also about spiritual war. Russia has been cited by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima to be used by God for the chastisement and return of the whole world to God, and as such Russia is a target of the evil one. The West, with its embrace of the culture of DEATH, is anti-faith, anti-family and anti-life. Russia is the opposite. As such, spiritual war, and in this case spilling into physical war, has been inevitable.

  • Russia was driven by the US into this war. The USA’s ultimate goal is for Russia to lose all influence in Europe. Russia, not the USA, is the natural partner of Europe—culturally, economically and politically. So this is about US hegemony. Even spiritually, could the Catholic nations of Europe (France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, etc.) be influenced by renewal in Russia?

  • Ukraine is a center for LGBT. Russia is particularly opposed to LGBT. Ukraine is the West’s homosexualist spearhead into the Slavic populations, well known for their devotion to the Virgin Mary. Mary is considered the Tsarina of Russia.

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