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THE WORLD AT AN END #115 -- Pope Francis appoints Big Pharma vax scientist to Pontifical Academy for Life

Pope Francis continues to stack the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life with anti-lifers. This time it is a non-Catholic scientist who helped create the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine.

Remember how the Pope was all-out for the COVID vax, imposing it upon clergy and Vatican employees during the pandemic? Some, including Swiss Guards, were fired for resisting the vax.

The Pope had previously appointed a number of pro-abortion activists to the Academy. One of them was Mariana Mazzucato, who is also an atheist, a climate alarmist and proponent of climate lockdowns. This is very much in line with the Pope’s preferred collaborators, which are pro-aborts, anti-lifers, climate alarmists, and experimental jab promoters.

When the Pope appointed Mazzucato to the Academy, he said it was “to give a little more humanity to it.” Spoken like a true modernist. Looking to humanity rather than God’s righteousness. The Pope is better off as a social worker than a spiritual leader.

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