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THE WORLD AT AN END #145 -- Globalist elites and depopulation

Globalist elites look to depopulation to achieve their diabolical ends. Such population control agenda is done through:

* Climate alarmism.

* Abortion.

* Gender ideology.

* Pandemic viruses.

* Euthanasia.

* Global war.

Tragically, Pope Francis and his liberals/progressives/modernists in the Church are active promoters of most of the above.

What are needed are populists who look to the well-being of ordinary people and to individual nations. These are defenders of faith, family and life. They are those who openly and actively oppose woke liberals and corrupt political leaders. These are often controversial figures such as Trump of the USA, Milei of Argentina, Orban of Hungary, Bukele of El Salvador, Putin of Russia. Then there are world figures such as Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson. And there is still a remnant of conservative hierarchs in the Church.

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