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THE WORLD AT AN END #151 -- Pope Francis on sports for friendship and fraternity

Pope Francis calls for sports to foster social friendships and fraternity. Well and good. But it is what he did not say that is concerning. He did not mention anything about the invasion of women sports by transgenders (biological men). Women’s sports are being decimated. Women are being physically and emotionally hurt. Women are being deprived of honors that rightfully belong to them but are being snatched by men.

The Pope recalled the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, whose theme for 2024 is “Sport for the Promotion of Peaceful and Inclusive Societies.” He said that practicing a sport can educate to an open, supportive, unprejudiced sociality.” Here are the buzz words that point to liberal, woke and modernist thought — “inclusive” and “unprejudiced.” Inclusive means gender equality, which means sex does not matter in sports, and men can engage in women’s sports. Unprejudiced means we are not to base our judgments on biological sex but on fluid gender. So stop it, you bigot.

No, Pope Francis, such sports do not promote friendships and fraternity but rather antagonisms and injustice.

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