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THE WORLD AT AN END #158 -- Pope Francis calls deniers of climate change foolish

Pope Francis says that deniers of climate change are foolish. This is a false assertion in two ways. First, that there are deniers of climate change. No one denies that there is climate change, for indeed climate changes all the time, from extremes of cold and heat througth the millennia. Second, what is denied is climate alarmism or hysteria, that projects gloom and doom on the earth. What is deplored are such inanities as elimination of cows because of their farts, or the relentless pursuit of a green agenda which is what will actually cause environmental damage in its implementation.

Climate activists point to the science, or to “research” as the Pope says. But a lot of climate science is pseudoscience, with no basis in actual realities. For example, CO2 is much maligned. But CO2 is a gas that is essential for life on earth.

Worse, the Pope is into ecological spirituality. He is out to save the planet, rather than focusing on saving souls. There is even the worship of Gaia (Mother Earth), as manifested in the pachamama which was brought into the heart of the Vatican. The Pope is into ecological conversion rather than spiritual conversion.

Further, the Pope’s climate activism has brought him to endorse the Paris Climate Agreement, which is pro-abortion.

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