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THE WORLD AT AN END #165 -- Pope Francis and extreme pro-aborts at Vatican climate summit

Pope Francis invites pro-abortion and pro-LGBT Democrats to speak at the Vatican summit on climate change.

The Pope has been constantly collaborating and promoting pro-aborts who have an extreme viewpoint on climate change. It is especially disturbing that these are Catholics who have no devotion to Christ or the Church.

The Pope has taken the lead on the so-called climate crisis. But while there is climate change, there is no crisis nor cause for hysteria. The Pope is expending his moral authority on eco-spirituality, on saving the planet rather than saving souls. He calls so-called climate deniers as foolish, but his is the heart of fools that proclaim folly (Proverbs 12:23b).

I’d like to hear papal apologists, especially bishops and priests, spin this one.

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