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THE WORLD AT AN END #92 -- Lightning strikes statue of St Peter in Argentina

As reported by Taylor Marshall below, on Dec 17, lightning hit a statue of St Peter on a church in Argentina, on the day before Fiducia Supplicans was issued (so possibly on the day the Pope approved of it). The lightning blew off the halo and the keys held by St Peter. The church is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary in San Nicolas, north of Buenos Aires


This is mindboggling. Pope Francis’ birthday is on Dec 17. Pope Francis is from Argentina. Dec 17 is possibly the day the Pope gave final approval to the issuance of Fiducia on Dec 18. St Peter is the first Pope. The halo is a sign of holiness. The keys are given by Jesus to Peter to signify his office. Our Lady of the Rosary is Mary destroying the enemies of the Church.

Coincidences? Fake news? Or a clear sign from heaven? God will not be mocked!


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