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Traditionalism is Infidelity (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis Part 205)

Once again Pope Francis makes his own definitions to suit his agenda. He attacked proselytism, when what that meant is making converts, which is the very mission given to God’s people. Now he attacks traditionalism, but this is simply the upholding or maintenance of tradition. Is not Tradition one of the pillars of the Catholic faith, the other two being Scripture and the Magisterium?

So the Pope says traditionalism is infidelity. On the contrary, it is fidelity to the teachings of Christ, the Bible and the Church. It is keeping to Christ’s words and looking to the age-old tradition of 2 millennia of Christianity. What is infidelity is modernism, which the Pope practices.

The Pope says traditionalism is a form of a Pelagian selfishness that puts our own tastes and plans above the love that pleases God. Actually, Pelagianism stresses the essential goodness of human nature and the freedom of the human will. Again, that sounds like modernism, that looks to man rather than to the righteousness of God, that puts self-love above the love for God, that glosses over sin and just focuses on being nice to others.

The Pope says we are tempted to start from ourselves rather than from God, to put our own agendas before the Gospel. Once again, this is modernism. It looks to man rather than to God. It glosses over or even sets aside the authentic gospel in order to preach a human endeavor.

The Pope decries both traditionalism and progressivism. But he himself is a progressive, a liberal, a modernist, someone on the left. As to traditionalism, it does not naturally mean being on the right. Tradition is actually being in the center, being centered on Christ. It is looked on as right simply because those looking are on the left. Being on the left, what is at the center to them is being on the right.

The Pope says we are not to be concerned about being on the climb towards heaven. But is not heaven precisely what we, as pilgrims, long for? And the way forward is a life of righteousness and holiness, not political correctness or just being nice.

The Pope urges the rejection of everything in the service of fraternity. But his definition of fraternity is flawed. Yes, universal fraternity if we look to being children of Adam and Eve. Yes, spiritual fraternity when we look to being children of Abraham (for Jews, Muslims and Christians). But no, with regard to faith, we can only be brethren if we are in Christ, if we look to the one true God, which is a Triune God.

The Pope says the Church should leave aside the isms. Agreed. Have nothing to do with secularism, humanism, modernism, socialism, globalism, universalism. You need to show the way, and live what you preach, Holy Father.

The Pope says God’s people do not like polarization. Indeed we would prefer to be united and at peace. But Jesus did say this would not be the case, as he has brought division. This is because people will accept him or reject him, and this will cause intense polarization, even among the most intimate family members.

The Pope quotes the prophet Ezekiel, to seek the lost sheep and to lead back to the fold the stray. Precisely. This is the mission of Jesus and of his Church. But the Pope just sees this as doing good to others, rather than bringing them to knowledge of Christ and conversion. He sees evangelization basically in terms of social justice rather than proclamation of the gospel.

The Pope says we should overcome all polarization and preserve our communion. But he is the #1 divider in the Church today, between liberals and conservatives, between globalists and nationalists, between those for or against the culture of DEATH. He coddles the former and excludes the latter. Exclude? Crack down is a better term. But he is very chummy with globalists, pro-abort liberals, LGBTs, those of all religions or no religion (even encouraging atheists and anti-Catholics to participate in the Synod on Synodality).

To the Pope, what is traditionalism is whatever is not progressive, liberal or modernist. This is why he so viciously attacks the Traditional Latin Mass, traditional religious orders, conservative Church groups, and orthodox clerics.

Traditionalism is infidelity? On the contrary.

Pope Francis says ‘traditionalism’ is ‘infidelity’ to the Catholic Church and Vatican II

‘Traditionalism’ is a form ‘of a Pelagian selfishness that puts our own tastes and plans above the love that pleases God, the simple, humble and faithful love that Jesus asked of Peter,’ said Pope Francis.

Pope Francis speaking during the 60th anniversary Mass for Vatican II, October 11, 2022. Screenshot/YouTube

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) – Marking the 60th anniversary of the start of the Second Vatican Council, Pope Francis attacked “traditionalism” as being “evidence … of infidelity” to the Catholic Church.

The Argentinian Pontiff made his remarks in his homily during a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on October 10, marking the 60th anniversary of the opening of the ecumenical Second Vatican Council.

Using a passage from St. John’s Gospel – “Do you love me? Feed my sheep” – Francis launched his attack on the traditionalist movement.

Stating that “we are always tempted to start from ourselves rather than from God, to put our own agendas before the Gospel,” he decried those who wished to “retrace our steps.”

“Yet let us be careful,” he said, “both the ‘progressivism’ that lines up behind the world and the ‘traditionalism’ – or ‘looking backwards’ – that longs for a bygone world are not evidence of love, but of infidelity.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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