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Vatican II and the Spirit of The Age (And You Will Know The Truth Part 57)

Below we see the fruit of Vatican II in the life of the Church. Vatican II was the turning point that led to the advance of liberalism and modernism in the Church. The processes are still ongoing, and the weakening and destruction of the Church continue.

Lethal Tsunami

Today marks 60 years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council — a seismic event in the history of the Church. The interpretation and implementation of Vatican II's broad agenda triggered an unprecedented tsunami that rocked the Barque of Peter.

Joining us now is Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb to explore the cataclysm that followed.

Vatican II and the culture it encountered generated a tidal wave of change. In tonight's In-Depth Report, we'll discuss the countless priests, religious and laity who were swept overboard in its wake.

The naive optimism permeating Rome's closing ceremonies in 1965 soon turned to pessimism as the spirit of Vatican II converged with the spirit of the age.

In spite of Council Fathers expressing concern for the Ministry and Life of Priests, by 1975 a staggering 100,000 clerics worldwide had left the priesthood.

In the United States alone, the number of seminarians plummeted 90% — from 49,000 in 1965 to a mere 4,700 by 2002. These men were handed over to be formed by notorious homopredator Theodore McCarrick and others of his ilk.

The men who refused to be malformed were branded rigid and turned away by corrupt vocation directors. United States religious orders suffered a similar exodus.

Article Published by ChurchMilitant. For the Full Article click here.

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