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Whom Are You Looking For? (Thought for the Day Part 13)

Jesus appeared to Mary of Magdala outside the tomb and said to her, “Whom are you looking for?” (Jn 20:15). Jesus might ask the same thing of us, “Whom, or what, are you looking for?”

* The perfect leader? Just like you, God’s work oftentimes goes on in spite of them.

* The perfect spouse? You are perfectly suitable to be the crosses that you can carry and embrace daily.

* Perfect children? Yes, when they are asleep, they do look angelic.

* The perfect community? If you find one, don’t join it, because then it will not be perfect anymore.

* A perfect CLS? Dream on.

We waste our time thinking .... what if; if only; how I wish. We linger at the tomb. We need to hear the angel tell us, “He is not here, for he has been raised .... Then go quickly and tell his disciples” (Mt 28:6a,7a). Stop griping, moping, feeling dejected or finding fault, but go and proclaim the good news. And do it quickly.

There are only two people we are to look to. First, ourselves. The problem is not others; it is us. So work at humbling and improving yourself. Second, Jesus. Keep focused on Christ. And know he is no longer in the tomb, but he has gone “before you to Galilee; there you will see him” (Mk 16:7). Back to the mission field. Only there will you find whom you are looking for.


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