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Holy Warriors

In these dark times today, a tsunami of evil is overwhelming the world. The forces

of the enemy are advancing rapidly threatening to bring down Judeo-Christian life

and values throughoutthe earth. When Jesus returns, will He find just a small flock?


This is a call to arms. The spiritual war rages in the heavebs and on earth. It is a fight

to he death, with souls as the ultimate prize. Will the Church of God in the world rise

to the challenge? Will the people of God share in the victory that Jesus

already won the cross?


The task is urgent. There is no time to lose. Arise, Holy Warriors!



Worship is the vocation of every Christian. It is the core of our relationship with God.

It is indispensable to one who professes to live a life for God. Now worship is such

an amazing privilege, which many Christians are not fully aware of. As such, they are missing out on much of what God has in store for them.

Do you know that when we worship: we come into the very presence of the King of kings? we attend a lavish banquet? we can actually bless God? we are practicing for when we go to heaven?

Find out more. Enter into a lifestyle of worship


What's New about the New Evangelization?

The world today is wallowing in the darkness of sin. Even for Christians, there is growing apostasy, a turning away from God and the faith. We see the secularization of our Church

and the embrace of the zeitgeist. There is a dire need for renewal and revival. God still

does not want anyone to be lost. And so the Holy Spirit has called our Mother Church

to the New Evangelization. But many have not heard the call, and many do not know what

this call is about. Some who have heard the call do not know how to respond.

But the very future of our Church lies in heeding this call. The times are critical and urgent.


The New Evangelization is about the old and the new. Evangelization is 2,000 years old.

It is the same basic gospel of proclaiming salvation in Jesus. But the times we live in

are very different today. They are much more challenging. They require new approaches,

and even an overturning of old, tired paradigms. A new vision is needed. And a return

to the basic elements of mission that work.


So what indeed is new about the New Evangelization? This book spells it out for you.


The New Evangelization
- A Work of the Divine Family

Now evangelization is not new. It is 2,000 years old. The Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost and the disciples of Jesus went on to evangelize the world. But after 2,000 years old.

The Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost and the disciples of Jesus went on to evangelize the world. But after 2,000 years, the world is once again in darkness. What happened?


Many Christians and Christian nations have succumbed to deadly isms of the times-modernism, relativism, secular hedonism, materialism, consumerism, cultural Marxism. The situation in the world has become critical. Faith has grown cold. The whole Church needs to rediscover the true meaning of evangelization, according to God’s principles. 


We are in the end times, and how we respond will be crucial to preparing the bride of Christ

for the coming of the Bridegroom. So now we go on an exciting journey, discovering the riches of the Spirit’s prophetic call to the New Evangelization. Let us be on our way.


40 Days with Mary (Rev. Ed.)

The most extraordinary woman in the whole world is Mary.

  • She was conceived without original sin.

  • She is full of grace.

  • She gave birth to a Son but is ever virgin.

  • She is the mother of God.

  • She is the mother of the One who is the Savior of the world.

  • She was assumed body and soul into heaven.

  • She is the Queen of heaven and earth.


God had done great things for Mary, and all ages will call her blessed.

Get to know this most extraordinary woman. And know that she is your mother too.


40 More Days with Mary

The most extraordinary woman in the whole world is Mary.

  • She was conceived without original sin.

  • She is full of grace.

  • She gave birth to a Son but is ever virgin.

  • She is the mother of God.

  • She is the mother of the One who is the Savior of the world.

  • She was assumed body and soul into heaven.

  • She is the Queen of heaven and earth.


God had done great things for Mary, and all ages will call her blessed.

Get to know this most extraordinary woman. And know that she is your mother too.


40 Days with the Poor

Do you know that …

It is a blessing for us to have so many poor people around? Our so-called “less fortunate” brethren are more fortunate than we are? The poor man is our brother whom we are to care for? There is a lot of injustice in the world, and we are among those responsible? It is our fault if the poor remain poor? Many rich people are fools? The poor will make it to heaven but we might not?


Do you want to know how …

Your prayers can be heard by God? God can be in your debt? You can be protected from adversity? You can experience prosperity and honor? You can be happy even in misfortune? You can escape hell and make it to heaven? We can all live in peace?

Find out for yourself. Spend these 40 days with the poor.

E-Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth.png

Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth

Today we are at the threshold of the third millennium. And the people of God face a momentous challenge.

 It has been 2,000 years of Christianity, but the commission of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel

to the whole world has not been accomplished. In fact, the Church itself is being buffeted by dark winds

and sinister forces, both from without and within. Spiritual warfare continues to rage in the heavens

and on the earth. At stake are the billions of souls on the face of the earth. In June of 1981, God raised up

a new army to participate in the war. God raised up a movement to work for global evangelization

and renewal. That movement is Couples for Christ. Now, 17 years later, Couples for Christ has made

and continues to make a tremendous impact throughout the world. But all is not well.


Now, towards the ends of the second millennium and at the threshold of the third, Couples for Christ has come to a crossroad. Its future usefulness to God and his work is threatened. The dangers are very real, but the opportunities also continue to be tremendous and exciting.


This book presents a clear vision of the call of God to Couples for Christ, and issues a challenge to understand the call, accept it, and live it out. It is all who are truly serious about their involvement in the life and mission of Couples for Christ.

E-The LCSC Movement 2nd Edition.png

The Live Christ, Share Christ (2nd Edition)

The Roman Catholic Church has sounded the call to the New Evangelization.

This is a very important prophetic call for the work of the third millennium.

At stake is the very future of societies and even of the Church.


How are we to respond? How are we to understand the call to the New Evangelization? How can the people of God, especially the laity, participate in the action of the Holy Spirit during these times?


One such response is the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement.

LCSC is intended to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization so that every Catholic

will meet Christ, live Christ, and share Christ.

E-Renewing the Face of the Earth.png

Renewing the Face of the Earth (Rev. Ed)

Many Christians today are unaware of God’s call to them to participate in the work

of evangelization. Some Christians may be aware but are ignorant as to how to go about this work. Still others try to do their share but are often frustrated and discouraged by their weakness and failures. But the work of evangelization is at the heart of being a true Christian. Evangelization is the practical living out of the two greatest commandments, love of God

and love of neighbor. Thus to evangelize is not an option but a necessity for a follower of Jesus Christ. This book explains what the work of evangelization is all about.


We are in the end times. The tsunami of evil is overwhelming the whole world. The Roman Catholic Church has sounded the call to the New Evangelization. But Catholics can only respond if they understand what the call is about. This book is an important first step.

E-Servant Leadership.png

Servant Leadership (Rev. Ed.)

The term “servant leader” is seemingly oxymoron. To the human understanding,

the words “servant” and “leader” are diametrically opposed. But with God

that is not the case. In the kingdom of God, the leader is the one who serves.


It is important for those who are called to servant leadership to understand what this call is all about. This is because God is entrusting them with a great treasure. How they handle this treasure will determine how the plan of God for the world will unfold.

E-Greatness in Christ.png

Greatness in Christ

You are destined for greatness!

You are created in the image and likeness of God. You are made little lower than angels.

You are a child of God, a brother-servant of Jesus, and a warrior of the Spirit. God is depending on you for His divine work in the world.


But like most Christians, you may not fully aware of your true identity and destiny. You may be living an ordinary and uneventful life. You might be struggling through life and barely surviving. 


All that needs to change. Take this 40-day pilgrimage and discover who you really are

and what God expects from you. It is exciting.

E-Focused on Christ.png

Focused on Christ

To those whom Jesus calls to be his disciples, he issues the invitation, “Come follow me.” And we know that if we persevere and live out this call, Jesus will lead us all the way to heaven.

But for Christian today, living in the midst of a world environment hostile to Christian ideals and values, it is not that hard to get lost or sidetracked. It is not that hard to lose sight of Jesus. And some ultimately miss out on their intended final destination.


How can we respond faithfully to Jesus’ call and receive the fullness of his life? How can w persevere in our faith and make it our eternal reward?


The key is in “keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith.”

E-Following Christ.png

Following Christ

Jesus calls us to become his disciples. This is a very profound call that many Christians fail to understand and properly respond to. As such, there are many who are Christian

in name but not in actual living out of the fullness of their faith in Christ.


The disciples of Jesus are crucial to the work of proclaiming the good news

of salvation to the whole world. As Christians, we are privileged to be called.

But it is a great responsibility. Jesus has entrusted to his workers the harvest

that has already been prepared.


It is crucial that we learn what it really means to follow Christ.

E-Fishers of Men.png

Fishers of Men (Rev. Ed)

Jesus has said, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master

of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” (Lk 10:2)


Today the fields are ripe for harvest. God has prepared a massive harvest that can compare with the heady missionary days after Pentecost.


God today is sounding a call to all His people to participate in bringing in this harvest.

It is a call of the utmost importance and urgency.


And God looks to you to respond.

E-Bring Glad Tidings to the Poor.png

Bringing Glad Tidings

Jesus read from the book of the prophet Isaiah, saying, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor.” What Jesus brought

was the greatest news ever- salvation for all and liberation for the poor. It had now been

2,000 years since Jesus ministered to the poor. But poverty in the world is deeper and more widespread. Injustice and oppression are rampant. Greed and selfishness rule the day.


As the world hurtles along to the end of time, the trumpets are being resounded. The call to the New Evangelization has been issued. The people of God are to proclaim anew the good news

of salvation in Jesus.


The time of liberation is at hand.

E-Families in the Holy Spirit.png

Families in the Holy Spirit (Rev. Ed.)

The Christian family is struggling for survival, beset by powerful forces all around. There is

the secular and materialistic world, seeking to impose its increasingly pagan values

and lifestyles. There is the fallen and sinful flesh in humanity, seeking to be free of all moral restraints. And there is Satan, seeking to thwart God’s plan and dominion. Amidst all these, Christians are confused, discouraged, badly bruised. The future looks bleak.


But there is hope! God is committed to defending and strengthening the family. For family

is His very own creation. And the family is at the very center of His plan for humanity.


God has a plan and design for marriage and family life that is unchanging and eternal. And His plan is the key not just to the survival of the family, but to God’s ultimate triumph in the world.

E-El Camino.png

El Camino De Santiago

El Camino De Santiago (The Way of St. James) has been an attraction for pilgrims for many centuries.

It is one of three pilgrimages that have become important for Catholics, the other two being Jerusalem (the Holy Land) and the Vatican (Rome). St. James is the James, who with his brother John and their mother Salome, sought to have places of honor at the right and the left of Jesus. Jesus then took that opportunity to teach apostles about servant leadership. They never forgot the lesson. James went on to dedicate his life as an apostle and missionary and ultimately suffered martyrdom.


Today there is a great need for holiness, which necessitates an inner pilgrimage. There is a critical need for Catholics to respond to the call to the New Evangelization, to be among those who are sent, that is, “apostles.” And there is a dire need to raise leaders after God’s own heart, those who will lead and care for the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are fortunate to have many teachers to teach us about authentic servant leadership—from James the Greater, to Samuel the prophet, to David the king, to Peter the first pope, to Paul the great apostle, to Jesus the Messiah. In this book, they give us 144 principles of servant leadership. Take this virtual pilgrimage and walk the Way of St. James toward a more effective servant leadership.

E-Called to be Saints.png

Called to be Saints, Martyrs, Warriors

Do you see the Christian life as uninteresting or even boring? Is it seemingly only about trying to be

a goody-goody, and being consigned to the sidelines as the world, with all its excitement, passes by?

If so, you have been deceived. The true Christian life is the greatest adventure in the world. It proposes the highest ideals, the most exhilarating challenges, the ultimate self-fulfillment, most Christians

do not have a clue. What is a Christian called to do?


You are to reflect the very image and likeness of God; you are called to holiness. You are to engage

in divine work by proclaiming the gospel of salvation in Jesus; you are to be a witness. You are to engage in the longest running and most destructive war that is raging throughout the world;

you are called to mission. Such is your call. Such should be your preoccupation. This is how

you will fulfill your destiny. Who are you, Christian? You are to be a saint, a martyr, and a warrior.

E-A Future Full of Hope.png

A Future Full of Hope

The world is in a sorry mess. It is steeped in darkness and sin. What does the future hold? It seems

we can only forward to more of the same- poverty, social injustice, the culture of death, war, terrorism, ecological disaster. Many in their helplessness have resigned themselves to hopelessness. But is this the proper posture? Is there really no hope? Is there really nothing we can do? For many, it seems that the tragic answer is yes.


This book begs to disagree. Because there is a God, then we have hope. God has provided everything needed to restore us to the fullness of life He originally intended. Once again, we can look too being in paradise with Him. But we need to do our part. This is what this book is all about.


If we do our part, according to the revelation of God, then we face a future full of hope.

E-247 For Jesus.png

24/7 for Jesus

We are called to holiness and discipleship. These do not just happen.

They require the grace of God, the power of the Spirit, and our own effort.

God does tell us what need to do. We for our part obey and live out God’s ways

with consistency, persistence, and discipline.


We do these not just some of time, but all of the time, always.

We are to be 24/7 for Jesus.



The Catholic Church has issued the call to the New Evangelization in the Year of Faith.

But what is the New Evangelization? What is to be done?


To discover the new, we look to the old. Evangelization by the people of God started

on the day of Pentecost. We must recover the basic principles by which God intended evangelization to be done. And we must have faith that works wonders.

Our proper response to the call to the New Evangelization is to BE.LI.E.VE!

E-40 Days with Job.png

40 Days with Job

For  2010, God brought CFC-FFL to a very challenging book for its theme for the year. This is the book of Job. It is challenging because the book of Job is about the great affliction of a man who was blameless and upright.


Having come from the book of Lamentations for the year 2007, when CFC experienced a crisis and then split into two, what could God have in store for His faithful remnant?


Now, just as then, God is only manifesting His great love for us. He is doing what is needed

in order to make us a holy remnant, a community that He can truly use for His purposes.

Learn to understand more the mysterious ways of the Almighty God. Job points us to Jesus. Let us then sit on the ash heap with him, and learn the lessons of Job.

E-40 Days of Challenge in the Christian Life.png

40 Days of Challenge in the Christian Life (Rev.)

Have you ever wondered what certain difficult or challenging passages in the Bible meant?

Do not be anxious at all about life, Renounce all your possessions, Love your enemies,

Turn the other cheek, Rejoice in suffering, Pray without ceasing, Be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect. Have you ever desired to be the person that God intends you to be?


The times are urgent for the life of the world, as well as for those of us who truly desire to live

in and for Jesus. Thus the whole Church has been called to the New Evangelization. If we desire to respond to this prophetic call, we must become people formed according to God’s ways.

We must obey what Jesus tells us. But how can we obey if we do not understand?


We can start to understand as we take this life-changing pilgrimage for the next 40 days

E-40 Days in the Strength of God.png

40 Days in the Strength of God

In the year 2011, CFC-FFL is 30 years old. Its theme for the year is “My God is now my strength” (Isaiah 49:5). It is an imposing theme, with the Lord offering the fullness of His grace and strength for the work beyond the 30 years.


With the world in deep darkness, with anti-life and anti-family forces rampaging, with even the Church buffeted from within, there is a great challenge for followers of Christ to stand and be counted, and to give their all for the cause of the Kingdom.


Be with Jesus over these 40 days and understand more clearly what God’s call to CFC-FFL is. May we choose the right path, and confidently go forth in the very strength of God.

E-40 Days of Life.png

40 Days of Life

There is a raging brutal war in the world today, inflicting hundreds of millions of casualties. It is the war against the unborn. It is a continuing holocaust against the most innocent and defenseless of persons, the child in the womb. But it is not only the unborn that are targeted by the dark forces waging this war. It actually is a war against faith, family and life. It is an assault against societies and the whole world. It is an attack against the churches, especially the holy Roman Catholic Church. It is a direct confrontation against God and every good that God stands for. Who are these dark forces? They are among the most powerful forces on earth. They are the developed Western nations, with their great political, economic and military might, led by the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of America. They are the world institutions of power-the United Nations, the European Union, international media, multinational corporations, billionaire philanthropists, giant abortion providers, powerful anti-life and homosexualist lobbies, and secret elite societies. Even the Christian churches have been infiltrated, with many dissidents including priests, nuns, and bishops. Behind them all is Satan himself.


We are in the end times. The culture of death blankets the whole world. Judeo-Christian civilization

as we know it is rapidly dissolving. Lives, marriages, families, religions, societies, freedom-all are under severe threat. Time is running out. All true Christians are called to engage in this war.

We are to fight for the culture of life. Get to know what this war is all about and be equipped.

Go off now to a 40-day boot camp.

E-40 Days to Servant Leadership.png

40 Days to Servant Leadership

The world is in darkness. A tsunami of evil is upon us. Things are going from bad to worse.

It there hope? Yes, there is hope, because there is Christ and his Church. Jesus said,

“I am the light of the world.” (Mt 5:14). It is up to God’s people to dispel the darkness of evil and sin by bringing God’s light to shine upon the earth.


But we have another problem. God’s people are scattered and lost. And those entrusted

with their care are themselves unfaithful to their call. These are the shepherds, the pastors,

the servant leaders. Many of those called do not responded accordingly.


There is a dire need to understand the call to servant leadership.

E-The Holy Spirit, New Evangelization and Pentecost.png

The Holy Spirit, The New Evangelization,
and Pentecost

The Church, especially its lay members, is called to teh New Evangelization. This is a crucial prophetic call during these challenging times in the life of the world. In order to respond to the call, we must understand what it all means. The people of God need to see the intimate connection among the Holy Spirit, the New Evangelization, and Pentecost. One cannot do without the others. The three are, shall we say, one package prepared by God for the purpose of bringing salvation upon the world, already won by Jesus on the cross.

The whole Church, is called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, according to the model of Pentecost and the early Christian community. This is the way forward for the New Evangelization.

E-The Inscrutable Wisdom of God.png

The Inscrutable Wisdom of God

It is hard for human mind to grasp the inscrutable ways of God. But to take on the mind of God is essential for our salvation. Jesus has shown us teh way, and it is the way of the cross. We are to walk along that path, foolish as it might be to the world.

How can we understand the mysteries of the Kingdom? "For 'who has known the mind

of the Lord, so as to counsel him?' But we have the mind of Christ." (1 Cor 2:16). Let us delve then into the mind of God, so hat we can "speak God's wisdom, mysterious, hidden,

which God predetermined before the ages for our glory" (1 For 2:7)

E-Females are Fabulous.png

Females are Fabulous

In 1947 Ta’amire Bedoulus made an amazing discovery in a cave on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in Palestine. In clay jars were manuscript and portions of manuscripts. These were what eventually came to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Unknown to the world however

was the discovery nearby cave of another scroll, found in a container that could have been an ancient waste basket. The female archeologist who was consulted about it dismissed it outright and proposed to destroy it. But those who found it held on to it and for many years the scroll was lost to the world as it was passed from one person to another. Until now.


Now here it is. Wisdom from ages (or from the aged). Translated from the ancient language, this book plumbs the depths of the male-female relationship, probes into the female psyche, examines the roots of the aged-old conflict between men and women, and proposes

how to achieve détente. A must read for all men who relate to women. Do you have a mother? Do you have a sister? Do you have a girl friend or wife? Do you have a daughter? Do you have female friends or officemates? Do you talk to do business with, relate to, teach, counsel

or meet the women? If yes, then this book is for you.

E-Females are Fabulous (The Sequel).png

Females are Fabulous 2nd Editon

Qoheleth II is back!


Qoheleth II wrote Females Are Fabulous way back in 2003. Given the flak that he got from women, he had to go into hiding, in fear of his life. Now he has emerged. Having spent 14. Years in cave, he is older and wiser. He now surveys the landscape, and finds the war between men and women still raging, and even more fiercely, with the rise of radical feminisnm.


Baffled and bewildered, this sequel is his attempt to navigate the stormy seas of sexuality, complicated by the idiocy of gender politics and lunacy of bowing to the zeitgeist. Oh, the comforts of the cavel.

E-Set Apart.png

Set Apart: The Way to Holiness

The basic call to Christian in the world is to be holy as God is holy. Unfortunately, many Christians do not understand what this call is all about. It is not just being a good person.

It is much more.


To be holy is to be set apart. It is to set aside the wisdom of the world and take on the foolishness of God. As light is in contrast to darkness, as life is in contrast to death, so does one set apart live out godly conduct in a world of mundane postures.


You have been set apart as holy to the Lord your God. Understand what it means and live it out.

E-Families on Mission.png

Families on Mission

The two most important aspects in the life of Christians are family and mission.

Family is the foundation, and mission is the manifestation. From time immemorial,

the family has been the subject of attack from evil forces. Today, the enemy has gone all out, and a tsunami of evil is upon the world. Can the family survive?


The family must not only survive, but thrive. The key is a renewed understanding of God’s design from the very beginning. And an all-out counter-assault on the dominion of darkness.


Mary in the Works of Evangelization

Evangelization, family, Mary-all are intertwined. All go together, according to the very plan of God. If all Christians were to really live out their vocations as disciples of Jesus Christ, their basic work would be described in one word-evangelization. Now according to the plan of God, this work of evangelization should be done within the context of family renewal. Thus, evangelization and family renewal make up the one work and mission. These are the most crucial aspects of work

in the kingdom, especially for this third millennium.

In this work, which is God’s work given to human beings, we look to the one person who was given by God such as important role in salvation history. She is the Blessed Virgin.


Blessed by the Eucharist

The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian Life" (LG 11;CCC 1324), and "the Eucharist is the sum and summary of our faith" (CCC 1327). The eucharist is also called by other names: The Lord's Supper, the Breaking of Bread, the Eucharistic Assembly, the Holy Sacrifice,

the eucharistic Sacrifice, the Memorial of the Lord's Passion and Resurrection, the Paschal Banquet, the Holy and Divine Liturgy, Holy Communion and Holy Mass.

In the Eucharist, we commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus, through the print, offers himself as a sacrifice.


Army of Mary

A tsunami of evil is upon the whole world. The ancient serpent rampages on, threatening many should. The spiritual war intensifies.

It is time for the holy warriors to arise.

And join the Army of Mary.

E-Mary and the CFC-FFL Core Values.png

Mary & CFC FFL Core Values

CFC-FFL was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary last August 10, 2007.

On October 2 we formulated our Core Values. The two events are intimately connected,

and we look to our Mother Mary as the personification of and the model for living out our Core Values. Just as  our Core Values function as our constant guideposts as we proceed with our life and mission, so Mary likewise is our guide.

E-One in Christ.png

One in Christ

The Catholic Church is one, holy and apostolic. Unfortunately, there are too many divisions within the body. Many of her members are far from holy, and most are not going forth to do the work

of evangelization and mission.

But mission is crucial. Given the darkness in the world today, which is being overwhelmed by

a tsunami of evil. With the Church herself buffeted from all sides. And even from within. God intends His Church to be His light in the world and the salt of the Earth. For that to happen,

her members must be united, and grow in holiness and apostolic zeal.

This is the great challenge, to be one in Christ and one in mission.

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