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What is LCSC?

  • It is a movement of the Holy Spirit in response to the call to the New Evangelization.

  • It emphasizes the bringing of lapsed Catholics back to the faith, while also providing formation for everyone else.

  • It is a movement of, for and by the Church.

  • It is not a group with members but just a movement with volunteer workers.

  • It does not belong to any particular group in the Church but is made available for embrace and use by parishes, Catholic groups, and private/public entities interested in spiritual renewal.

  • Its goal is personal renewal in Christ as well as the strengthening and renewal of the Church.


Vision and Mission

Vision – A Church renewed, empowered and missionary.


  • To mainstream Catholic lay evangelization, reaching to the grassroots at the peripheries, in response to the call to the New Evangelization.

  • For every Catholic to meet Christ, to live Christ and to share Christ.

  • To energize and equip the laity in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Basic components of LCSC

  • A program for personal renewal in Christ called a Life in Christ Seminar (LCS).

  • Five pillars to focus on specific aspects of spirituality.

    • Live Pure – Chaste living for the youth

    • Live the Word – Getting Catholics into the Bible

    • Live Life – Advocacy for life

    • Live Full – Work with the poor

    • Live the Faith – Catholic catechesis and apologetics

  • Servant Leaders Formation (SeLF) – various teaching modules for growth in Christian life and service.


Books for reference

  • The New Evangelization—A Work of the Divine Family

  • What is New About the New Evangelization?

  • The Live Christ, Share Christ Mission


Contact us through our LCSC Main Website. Let us put you on our mailing list.


LCSC’s work is funded by voluntary contributions. Please consider making a donation.

Click this link for your LCSC Donations.

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