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Books written by The Hermit

24/7 for Jesus

We are called to holiness and discipleship. These do not just happen.
They require the grace of God, the power of the Spirit, and our own effort.
God does tell us what need to do. We for our part obey and live out God’s ways
with consistency, persistence, and discipline.
We do these not just some of time, but all of the time, always.
We are to be 24/7 for Jesus.

40 Days in the Strength of God

In the year 2011, CFC-FFL is 30 years old. Its theme for the year is “My God is now my strength” (Isaiah 49:5). It is an imposing theme, with the Lord offering the fullness of His grace and strength for the work beyond the 30 years.
With the world in deep darkness, with anti-life and anti-family forces rampaging, with even the Church buffeted from within, there is a great challenge for followers of Christ to stand and be counted, and to give their all for the cause of the Kingdom.
Be with Jesus over these 40 days and understand more clearly what God’s call to CFC-FFL is. May we choose the right path, and confidently go forth in the very strength of God.

40 Days of Challenge in the Christian Life (Rev.)

Have you ever wondered what certain difficult or challenging passages in the Bible meant? Do not be anxious at all about life, Renounce all your possessions, Love your enemies, Turn the other cheek, Rejoice in suffering, Pray without ceasing, Be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect. Have you ever desired to be the person that God intends you to be?
The times are urgent for the life of the world, as well as for those of us who truly desire to live in and for Jesus. Thus the whole Church has been called to the New Evangelization. If we desire to respond to this prophetic call, we must become people formed according to God’s ways. We must obey what Jesus tells us. But how can we obey if we do not understand?
We can start to understand as we take this life-changing pilgrimage for the next 40 days.

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