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"A Critique of Pope Francis" (Part 2)


“The barque of Peter is capsizing”[1]

A critique of Pope Francis

(May 17, 2022)


Pope Francis continues with his modernism, his all-out support for all things LGBT, and has in fact become a heretic.[2] He continues to assault basic foundational teachings of Christ and our Church, contributing greatly to the Church’s continuing weakening and decline.


But first, in the original Critique I listed 7 bad popes. It turns out there were more. Here are others.


More bad popes

  • Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303). He threw his predecessor Celestine V (now a saint) into prison. He bullied Rome and the European powers to accept his authority on religious and secular matters, and when they refused, he burned their cities to the ground.[3] He said that sleeping with boys was not a sin.

  • Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484). He had an affair with his sister which produced a son Pietro. Then he also had an affair with Pietro. He had six illegitimate children. He had male lovers.

  • Pope Julius II (1503-1513). He had sex with a lot of prostitutes and contracted a severe case of syphilis.

  • Pope Paul IV (1555-1559). He committed horrific acts of anti-Semitism. He created a Jewish ghetto in a section of Rome.


Such vile and immoral men! But God somehow allowed these men to be the heads of our Church. In fact, there was a long stretch where Rome was ruled by 3 bad popes, from 1492 to 1521,[4] for over 29 long years!


Now Pope Francis is nowhere near the vileness and immorality of these bad popes. He is not a murderer or a sex fiend. But in a certain sense, he could be, as far as the well-being of the Church is concerned, the worse of them all. How is that? Well, the bad popes did very bad things but never told people that these were good things. Thus people could see that they were bad and were not misled into imitating them. But for Pope Francis, he overturns the teachings of Christ and the Church, and tells people what is contrary to the authentic Catholic faith. So people are misled and are even led into sin or to remain in sin.


The modernist errors of Pope Francis

What are the many modernist errors of Pope Francis?

  • His concept of human fraternity, that we are all brothers and sisters, even if people belong to different religions. This actually is a Freemasonic principle. It is wrong because we can only become brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Religious indifferentism. That all religions are valid and all are ways to the divine. This is wrong because there is only one true faith established by Jesus.[5]

  • Moral relativism. That moral truth is not absolute, but is adaptable to the present age and culture.

  • Not looking to the Ten Commandments as absolutes.[6]

  • Charity is not first and foremost about love of God but rather asserts that human fulfillment lies in being a sincere gift to others.

  • Approval of same-sex unions.[7]

  • That gays are born that way. In fact, he told a gay man, “God made you gay.”

  • Saying to a gay man about his being gay, “Who am I to judge?” This is wrong, otherwise there would be no basis or room for fraternal correction.

  • Approval of Holy Communion for those in irregular unions.[8]

  • Cohabitations with fidelity are real marriage and have the grace of real marriage.

  • Acceptance of the fertility goddess Pachamama, and even allowing public worship of this idol inside the Vatican.

  • A universal homeland without borders, which mandates unrestricted migration. This denies national sovereignty, territorial integrity, the right to private property, the economic well-being of citizens, and self-protection from violent extremists.

  • Subordination of private property to the universal destination of the earth’s goods and thus the right of all to their use. This is not the solidarity and sharing of the first Christian community but more of socialism or even Communism.

  • There is no hell, or if there is, that hardly anyone goes there.[9] Sinful souls upon death just disappear.

  • Unrepentant grievous sinners (apostates, blasphemers, heretics) are part of the communion of saints.[10]

  • Rejection of the need for conversion to Catholicism. He has actually actively dissuaded those who want to convert, including Protestants, evangelicals and Anglican bishops!

  • Not taking care of climate is a form of paganism, and caring for our common home is already evangelization.

  • Teaching that Jesus’ multiplication of the loaves and fish was just sharing by the people, that the miracle was not the physical multiplication but a sharing inspired by faith and prayer.

  • The sin of Sodom was not the sin of homosexuality but rather the lack of hospitality.

  • Wanting to change Jesus’ words in the Lord’s Prayer from “lead us not into temptation” to “do not let us fall into temptation.”

  • In 2018 the Pope unilaterally changed the Catechism to declare the death penalty as inadmissible.[11]

  • It is better for Catholics not to go to church every day while hating their fellow men. In effect, be atheist than attend daily Mass as a hypocrite.

  • Mary was not born a saint, but worked to become one. Being conceived without sin, Mary was already a saint from the start.


The collaborators of Pope Francis

     There is a saying: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.

     Who are the dear friends of Pope Francis?

  • Homosexualists and LGBT ideologues.[12]

  • Fr James Martin SJ, the chief cheerleader for all things LGBT in our Church.

  • Juan Carlos Cruz, an open homosexual whom the Pope appointed to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.[13]

  • Sr Jeannine Gramick, founder of the New Ways Ministry, which is pro-LGBT and opposes Church teaching on matters of sexual morality.[14]

  • Sr Monica Astorga Cremona, known locally in Argentina as the “nun of the trans,” who opened a residence in Argentina for trans women (biological men), whom the Pope then referred to as “girls.”

  • Those who are pro-abortion.

  • President Joe Biden of the USA, who is Catholic.[15] The Pope supported Biden in the US Presidential election of 2020.[16]

  • President Fernandez of Argentina, who is Catholic.

  • President Michael Higgins of Ireland, who is Catholic.

  • Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN.

  • Emma Bonino, Italian politician and Italy’s leading proponent of abortion for decades.[17]

  • Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the UN.

  • Lilianne Ploumen, former minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, who was honored by the Pope with the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory the Great in 2017. She is a staunch supporter of abortion, homosexuality and contraception. She raised more than $300 million for a pro-abortion NGO called She Decides.

  • Globalists.

  • Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy, who is Catholic.

  • Bureaucrats of the UN.[18]

  • Climate alarmists.[19]

  • Depopulationists.

  • Jeffrey Sachs, a radical population control activist.[20] The Pope appointed him to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, and is a regular speaker at Vatican conferences. Sachs is credited with making a major contribution as a ghostwriter to Laudato Si.

  • Paul Ehrlich, the father of the population control movement.

  • John Bongaarts, VP of the pro-abortion Population Council.

  • Liberals and progressives.

  • The St Gallen Mafia, a secret group[21] of leftist Cardinals which began to meet in the mid-1990s, composed of Cardinals Carlo Maria Martini, Walter Kasper, Godfried Daneels, Cormac Murphy-O’Connor.[22] Martini was the leading antagonist to Popes John Paul II and Benedict, and wanted a much more modern Church under Cardinal Bergoglio.

  • On the other hand, the Pope often attacks traditionalists. He disparages faithful Catholics as rigid and fundamentalist. He has suppressed the Traditional Latin Mass. He is dismantling tradition-minded religious orders.

  • Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Newark, architect of 2018 China-Vatican secret accord.

  • Cardinal Blasé Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, who says homosexual couples should be given Holy Communion.

  • Cardinal Walter Kasper, President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, who has called for an “evangelical Catholicism and Catholic Protestantism.”

  • Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, one of the Pope’s closest aides, who is charged with financial corruption in mismanaging Vatican funds.

  • Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, who says pastors should offer blessings for homosexual couples.

  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, who defended the Pope’s comment about making people gay by saying such comments were “conservative, traditional, Catholic, orthodox teaching.” In 2014 Dolan applauded a football player who said he was homosexual by saying, “Good for him.” In 2015 Dolan led Manhattan’s Saint Patrick’ Day parade as Grand Marshal, allowing an openly homosexual activist group to march in the event.

  • Abp Vincenzo Paglia, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who purged the pro-life members of the body, discontinued a pro-life pledge, and named members who are anti-life advocates. He also put a homoerotic mural in his cathedral as Bishop of Terni, Italy. He says the Academy will now have a new focus, from abortion and bioethics to include immigration and the environment.[23]

  • Abp Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, who invited a cadre of population-control enthusiasts in a Vatican-sponsored meeting and invited pro-abortion socialist Bernie Sanders to a Vatican meeting. He has said that limiting births is an obligation of the Church.

  • Abp Victor Manuel Fernandez, who is cited as the ghostwriter of the Pope’s Amoris Laetitia. He wrote a book on the art of kissing, filled with erotic poetry and images.

  • Fr Arturo Sosa Abascal, the black Pope, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, who says we should discern the meaning of Christ’s teachings for ourselves, as the Holy Spirit might lead us to an understanding that differs from the teachings of our Church. He also said that the devil was just a symbolic figure.

  • On the other hand, the Pope has purged the Vatican of conservative and orthodox prelates, such as Cardinal Raymond Burke, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Cardinal George Pell.[24]

  • New World Order and Great Reset elites.

  • Vaccine mandate tyrants. The Pope himself has a “no jab, no job” policy for the Vatican.[25]

  • Social justice warriors.[26]

  • Caritas Internationalis, the social action arm of the Catholic Church, Which is deeply involved in and is on the governing body of the World Social Forum (WSF), which is a Communist organization, engaged in pagan worship, and pushes for abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism.

  • Enemies of the Church.

  • Chinese Communist Party.[27]

  • Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb, with whom the Pope signed the Abu Dhabi declaration in 2019.[28]


Those whom Pope Francis dislikes

In contrast to his dear friends and collaborators, Pope Francis dislikes many who are faithful Catholics.

  • Those who are advocating for Mary as Co-Redemptrix, whom he calls foolish and silly.[29]

  • Those who love the Traditional Latin Mass, which the Pope has suppressed.[30]

  • The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), founded by Mother Angelica. He said of EWTN: “They are the work of the devil.”[31]

  • The traditional religious orders, such as the Discalced Carmelites, the Poor Clares, the Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, which the Pope has dismantled and mandated to become more worldly.[32]

  • He has frequently castigated faithful Catholics with uncharitable name-calling, such as: obsessed, doctors of the law, neo-pelagian, self-absorbed, restorationist, rigid, fundamentalist, ideological, hypocritical and more. He has denigrated faithful Cardinals as “idolaters and rebels who will never arrive at the fullness of the truth,” and who are “heretics and not Catholics.”


Being a moral voice in the world

As the supreme leader of the largest Church in the world, Pope Francis is expected to be a moral voice in and to the world. He does have a lot to say, including on such things as immigration, climate change and universal brotherhood. But he fails to speak on more substantive moral and spiritual matters.

  • He does not say anything negative about the German bishops and their Synodal Way, which approves of same-sex unions, homosexuality, ordination of women and optional celibacy for priests.[33]

  • He does not say anything negative about the Chinese Communist Party, which persecutes Christians and minorities (such as the Tibetans and the Uyghurs), murders millions of the unborn,[34] harvests organs from prisoners, has gulag-like prisons, and massacred protestors at Tiananmen Square.

  • He does not speak out against rabid pro-aborts such as President Biden of the USA. He in fact supposedly told Biden that he was a good Catholic.

  • He did not say anything about the unjust arrest of 90-year old Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong by Chinese authorities in May 2022. In fact, the Vatican had rebuked Cardinal Zen after he accused it of selling out China’s underground Catholics in its secret deal.

  • He did not say anything in 2018 when Catholic Ireland was debating whether to allow abortion or not, and when it finally voted yes. And he certainly said nothing when Ireland had its referendum in 2015 on same-sex marriage.

  • He is silent on homosexuality in the Catholic Church.[35]

  • He promotes a false ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue.

  • Catholics becoming more like Protestants.

  • Looking to all religions as valid.

  • Not proselytizing and making converts.

  • Disparaging those who cling to Tradition and the age-old teachings of the Church.



Hypocrisy is behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or profess to do. It is engaging in the same behavior for which one criticizes another.

Making a mess

The Pope had urged young Catholics to make a mess, to shake up the Church. But when there are those who question his teachings, he becomes intolerant. He ignores even important Church personages, such as the four Cardinals who submitted their dubia about Amoris Laetitia.

A civic or humanitarian group

The Pope told Catholics to spread their faith, saying a Church that does not go out and preach simply becomes a civic or humanitarian group. But the Pope no longer preaches the faith, that is, the proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Jesus. Rather, he is focused on social justice issues, making the Church more of a civic or humanitarian entity.



The Pope has emphasized that we must build bridges and not walls. He particularly criticized Trump for building a wall on the US southern border, saying in doing so he was not being a Christian. But the Vatican itself is surrounded by walls. And the Pope does not criticize the liberal Western officials who surround their gated properties with high walls and expensive security.


Being open to people

The Pope presents himself as a man of the people, especially the lowly ones. His policy of accompaniment speaks of listening and empathy. But he does not listen to those who oppose his teachings, preferring to ignore or ridicule them.



The Pope decries rigidity. But this he applies to those who are tradition-minded or strictly orthodox in faith. But in his modernist teachings, he himself is rigid and inflexible. He does not engage in dialogue with those in the Church who disagree with him on many issues. He suppresses the Traditional Latin Mass and tradition-minded religious congregations.



The Pope often speaks of the need for transparency within the Church and have encouraged all, especially bishops, to speak their mind and not be fearful of what he may think. But see that most bishops are silent, not because they agree with the Pope, but because they see him as not open to and even resentful of criticism.[36]


Insulting others

The Pope once said, “I will never insult anyone.” But he has stated so many insults to so many people that there is a book “The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults” released by Catholic blogger Laurence English in 2013. One striking epithet used by the Pope is “fomenters of coprophagia.”


The human attraction of modernism

The basic essence of Modernism is the well-being of man at the sacrifice of the righteousness of God.

There are a number of things that should be good, as we look to the well-being of man.

*   Concern for the poor.

*   Concern for the environment.

*   Concern for social justice.

*   The desire for all men to get along.

*   The desire to eradicate poverty and corruption.

*   The desire for there to be an equitable distribution of the world’s goods.


But by themselves, these fail to address the reality of the fallen human condition, the reality of sin, the ongoing rebellion of man against God, the need for authentic salvation. Salvation is only in Jesus, not in eco-harmony.

*   Authentic Christianity cannot be Marxist or Freemasonic in any form.

*   Authentic Christianity cannot accept the evil of abortion and LGBT.

*   Authentic Christianity is about repentance for sin, sinning no more, not in celebrating what is contrary to God’s design and will.

*   Authentic Christianity is not about utopia on earth, as the fullness of salvation can only come in heaven.


Quo vadis, Pope Francis?

Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has experienced doctrinal, moral, liturgical, political, legal, financial and administrative meltdown. His theological heterodoxy has turned Catholicism into a Protestant sect akin to Anglicanism and has changed Christian monotheism into a variant of Hindu pantheism.


Notice what Pope Francis says and does.

*   He is in favor of all things LGBT.

*   He does not speak much about holiness and spiritual righteousness.

*   He is not into the proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Jesus. In fact, his concept of salvation is in man and not in God.

*   His concerns are much more on social justice issues. His concern is on social well-being and welfare and not on the salvation of souls. His focus is on human rights and not the rights of God.

*   He does not tolerate opposition to his modernist teachings.[37] He completely ignored the dubia on Amoris Laetitia by four Cardinals.[38] He never even tries to explain issues raised by others as well.[39]

*   He sides with the bad guys and not the good guys.

*   He does not strongly criticize homosexual predation among clerics. In fact, there is a gay-sex-and-cocaine ring inside the Vatican, with drug-fueled homosexual orgies taking place, which he does not crack down on.

*   He is all in with globalists of the New World Order.

*   He is Protestantizing our Church, aside from embracing principles of Freemasonry.[40]

*   He does not defend Christian civilization and the Judeo-Christian culture, but has become an enabler for enemies of the Church.


Today we face massive apostasy, rampant homosexual predation among clerics, and even the modernist enemy within the Church. We must reject the false gospel of Modernism, which will lead us not to salvation but to damnation.


The Synod on Synodality

Our Church under Pope Francis is now conducting the Synod on Synodality. This is a two-year worldwide consultation (2021-2023) in the Church to find out what is in the minds and hearts of people. Seems good, but it is not.


The basic shortcoming is that all, and literally all, are being consulted. All are welcome to give their inputs, including lapsed Catholics, unfaithful Catholics, non-Catholics, pro-aborts, atheists, apostates and heretics.[41] This is not listening to the people of God but to fallen people in a darkened world, including enemies of Christ and the Church. What do they have to contribute? What will that result in? We will have the whole range of opinions and inputs. What value is in that?


But here is what is worse. Here is what I suspect. This whole process is just a show, but with predetermined conclusions.[42] It will be used by the Pope to justify what he is trying to impose on the Church. Then he can claim that there was worldwide consultation. The basic imposition will be the acceptance of homosexuality.


This will put the Catholic Church in line with practically all the other churches. Then as this domino falls, other dominoes will fall. Then the way will be cleared to having a one-world church as part of the New World Order. The Church would have been rebuilt in the image and likeness of the world.


Let faithful Catholics speak out

Catholics must speak out when shepherds contradict the gospel. Especially in these dark times, with a tsunami of evil overwhelming the world, with the enemy within, we must find our prophetic voice as laypeople.


There are many, including Church personages, who would rather not speak out.

*   There are those who prefer to “hear no evil, see no evil.” They would rather bury their heads in the sand.

*   There are those who say, "let us just pray and do our work.” Well, we continue to do that, but we must speak out as well, especially when the house is burning down.

*   There are those who are afraid of a backlash from clerics and prelates that would negatively affect the ministry they do. Valid enough. But we still need to speak the truth, and especially call out the lies and distortions of authentic Catholic teaching.

*   There are those who think it is not the laity’s place to call out clerics, much less bishops, and even much less the Pope. But is this not our Church? Do we not fully participate in the ministry of Jesus as priest, prophet and king? Are we not concerned about truth and orthodoxy of faith? Do we not care that our Church is weakening and we are losing Catholics by the day? Is not the Spirit’s call to be an empowered laity?

*   There are those who do not know or understand what is authentic Christian and Church teaching. And worse, they are confused or deceived by the pastors and shepherds themselves. Well, all the more, we need to be informed and to know the truth that sets us free.


The barque of Peter is capsizing. It is time to act in defense of the authentic faith.


May God have mercy on us all.


[1] Paraphrase of remarks of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner in July 2017.

[2] Heresy is religious opinion, belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs of the Church.

[3] One city had 6,000 people who died in it.

[4] Actually there was another pope, Pope Pius III, who reigned in 1503. However, he was pope for just 26 days.

[5] A pet project of the Pope is the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, where there will be a mosque, a church and a synagogue. He has long advocated for various religions to unite under common beliefs and values. But this necessitates degrading the truths of Christianity, such as Christianity being the one true faith established by God Himself, and that Jesus is the only way to salvation. The Pope looks to humanist values. What he is about is the establishment of a one-world religion to go with the one-world government of the New World Order.

[6] The Pope has said about the Ten Commandments, “I observe them, but not as absolutes, because I know that what justifies me is Jesus Christ.” Spoken like a true Protestant.

[7] There may be an attempt to justify this by saying the approval is of same-sex civil union. But civil or otherwise, it is still same-sex union.

[8] The Pope says, “I have never refused the Eucharist to anyone.” When done for those in grave sin, is that an act of love or an act that fails to love? It in fact is a confirmation that one can push for grave sins such as abortion and sodomy and still remain as a devout Catholic as they claim. It is an abject failure in pastoral care. 

[9] The Pope says that “No one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel.” He says Judas is not in hell.

[10] The Pope believes that unrepentant grievous sinners are part of the communion of saints, and that there is no hell and all will be saved. This explains why he coddles, encourages, supports and extols those who are into grievous sins such as active LGBT. This is why he enjoys the company of liberals, modernists, pro-aborts, globalists and depopulationists. This is why he focuses on social justice issues rather than the righteousness of God.

[11] Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church for 2,000 years have upheld the intrinsic legitimacy of the death penalty for grave crimes against the common good of Church or State.

[12] The Pope favors homosexuals and is acting to normalize homosexuality. It is just a matter of time, if he has his way, when active homosexuality is considered no longer sinful. And of course, will same-sex “sacramental” marriage be far behind? The Pope is of course wrong. His stand is contrary to the scriptures and to age-old Catholic teaching. Today, still not yet at the point of declaring outright that active homosexuality is not sinful, the Pope and homosexualists speak of the dignity of the homosexual. Indeed every person has inherent human dignity as a creation of God made in His image and likeness. But one who deliberately lives in grave sin, especially one who celebrates such sin, loses his inherent dignity. There is no dignity in egregious unrepented sin. By condoning and even publicly approving of homosexual relationships, the Pope is complicit in the person’s evil acts, and will be held accountable for that person’s soul. Further, he will be held accountable for misleading many others and enabling them to continue in grave sin.

[13] This is like assigning the fox or wolf to guard the sheep.

[14] In 1999, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) under Cardinal Ratzinger formally condemned the group and its founders. In Pope Francis’ praise of this dissident nun, he says that such pro-LGBT ministry reflects the closeness of God and is in the style of God. No, it does not. LGBT brings people away from God. And being diabolical, it is not in the style of God but is the work of the devil.

[15] Biden claims that the Pope told him he is a good Catholic and should keep receiving Communion.

[16] And worse, the Pope was openly against Biden’s opponent, Trump, who is pro-God, pro-family and pro-life, the very antithesis of Biden.

[17] The Pope refers to her as one of Italy’s forgotten greats, comparing her to great historical figures such as Konrad Adenauer and Robert Schuman.

[18] Abp Carlo Maria Viganò says that the Pope is executing a globalist plan to convert the Church to a “sect of Masonic inspiration,” to shackle Christianity under a satanic one-world government, to subdue the Church under the rule of global despots.

[19] Over a dozen years ago, the tag global warming was changed to climate change. The reason was simple: the earth was failing to warm. The climate change alarmists always say that climate doom is just around the corner, but it never seems to arrive.

[20] Sachs was behind the UN Millennium Development goals and is an architect of the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG calls for universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services.

[21] Now that they are in control, they are much more open and public.

[22] The St Gallen Mafia manipulated the election of Cardinal Bergoglio to the papacy. They seek to change the Church and make her more liberal. They favor abortion, homosexuality, women ordination, liturgical changes and other radical ideas.

[23] Catholic academics have banded together to form a new laity-led Academy for Life, called the John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family (JAHLF), to serve the same goals as the original Pontifical Academy for Life.

[24] The Number 2 man in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s doctrine office, Abp Giacomo Morandi, was responsible for the March 2021 document that declared the Church will not bless same-sex unions because God “cannot bless sin.” So the Pope sacked him. The Pope wants to bless same-sex couples (he has said he approves of it) and so removed the one responsible for the document. Abp Morandi stood in the Pope’s way and so is punished, demoted and banished.

[25] The Pope is on all-out attack mode against the unvaxxed, and continues to spew his errors. (1) He says being vaxxed is a moral obligation. To take experimental drugs that have caused such great harm? To ignore one’s conscience in not taking abortion-tainted vaccines? To protect one’s neighbor, when both vaxxed and unvaxxed can be infected and can pass on the infection? To not interfere with the body’s natural God-created immune system and DNA? (2) He wants to vaccinate all peoples of the whole world, calling on political and international responses. He becomes the enabler for international totalitarianism. (3) He says healthcare is a moral obligation. Yes, but what is healthcare? The liberal world, including the UN and the WHO, says abortion is healthcare. (4) He decries a world of strong ideological divides. He is the main divider. Pitting vaxxed against unvaxxed. Pitting traditional Catholics against the rest. (5) He accuses vax opponents of baseless info and poorly documented facts. But the inventor of the mRNA vaccine and the creator of the AstraZeneca vaccine have both come out, certainly with very well documented facts, with their great concerns about these COVID vaccines. Many other reputable doctors and scientists and groups have also done so. 

[26] Social justice is good, but those referred to as social justice warriors (SJW) are those who work for justice but at the expense of the righteousness of God, those who look to the human condition but fail to input the divine imperative.

[27] The Vatican has a secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party, even as it has become clear that China is working at Sinicization of the Church in China, and is rewriting the Bible to suit Communist ideology.

[28] Since that time, the persecution of Christians in Islamic countries has skyrocketed.

[29] Do we believe Pope Francis or Popes Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XI, Leo XIII, Benedict XV, John Paul II? Do we reject age-old teachings of and what has been accepted by our Church, as Mary as Co-Redemptrix has been part of Catholic tradition for centuries since the 14th century? Do we ignore the positions of Saints of old, such as Irenaeus, Ephraim, Jerome, Augustine, Bernard, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, Louis de Montfort, Alphonsus Liguori, and modern saints such as Maximilian Kolbe, Padre Pio, Teresa of Calcutta? The 17th century Golden Age of Marian co-redemption would see over 300 theological references to the role and title, with the doctrine recognized as the common consensus of theologians. At one time, 55 Cardinals and 518 bishops formally petitioned the Holy See about this title of Mary.

[30] The Pope says he wants to unite the Church by having just one Mass. But he just succeeds in dividing us. There is great irony in this. In the Catholic Church there are very many different rites, such as that of the Eastern Catholic Churches. But there are also questionable rites, which the Pope says nothing negative about, such as the Hindu-rite Mass, the LGBT Mass, the Zairian Mass and the Amazonian Mass. And how about unity with the Orthodox Church? Will the Orthodox have to give up their centuries-old liturgy?

[31] The Pope claims EWTN speaks ill of him.

[32] The Pope has mandated contemplative orders to get out of their cloisters and to mix in with the world. With cloistered contemplatives so crucial to Church work especially in spiritual warfare, the Pope has been disarming us. As St Therese of Avila says, “If the contemplative fails, the battle is lost.”

[33] This Synodal Way ends spring of 2023, ahead of the Synod on Synodality in Rome that ends in October. I believe it is part of the overall scheme. The German Synod, with its radical veering away, paves the way to decisions of the Church Synod, which I believe have already been predetermined, and will result in acceptance of homosexuality.

[34] Abp Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, head of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, praises China, saying that they are the best implementors of the Church’s social teachings.

[35] It is said that the Vatican is one of the largest homosexual networks in the world. The Vatican’s personnel is 50% homosexual. Parish priests are 40-60% homosexual. A number of bishops are gay. The Vatican is essentially being run by gays.

[36] There are those who fear being marginalized. And indeed the Pope has purged the Vatican and dioceses of conservatives who think not as he does.

[37] His pontificate is characterized by an absence of dialogue with orthodoxy. A book was written about him in 2017 entitled “The Dictator Pope” which showed the immense gap between the media image of the Pope and the reality. Punishment of the slightest dissidence is the hallmark of his pontificate, and his propaganda machine is relentless in blackening the reputation of those who are identified as being on the other side.

[38] The Pope has also ignored many other filial corrections or requests for clarification on Amoris Laetitia, as follows: (1) In September of 2015, a petition of 800,000 individuals and associations from 178 countries including 202 prelates; (2) In July 2016, an appeal by 45 Catholic scholars, prelates and clergy; (3) In September 2016, the dubia; (4) In February 2017, a statement by confraternities representing thousands of priests worldwide; (5) In April 2017, concern expressed by six lay scholars at a conference in Rome; (6) a “Filial Correction on Propagation of Heresy” issued by 40 Catholic clerics and lay scholars in July 2017, with the signers growing to over 60 in 20 countries; (7) In December 2017, a statement by three bishops of Kazakhstan titled “Profession of the Immutable Truths about Sacramental Marriage,” later joined by prelates from other countries.

[39] Why does the Pope not respond? If he has no digression from authentic faith and age-old Magisterium, it would be easy for Pope Francis to respond, and thus clear away any misunderstanding, and thus remove controversy, confusion and division. I am afraid that the reason why the Pope does not respond is because the fears of those concerned have basis, and that indeed he is moving to liberalize our pastoral practices.

[40] Such as liberty, equality and fraternity, which are principles of the Enlightenment and the anti-Catholic and ultra-violent French revolution. This is per Chapter 3 of Fratelli Tutti.

[41] A number of heretical organizations have since posted submissions to the Synod resource website including the Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC) and the Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP). There is also the opportunity for heretical organizations to bypass the bishops by sending surveys and concerns directly to the General Secretariat of the Synod.

[42] This happened with the Synod on the Family and Youth, with the Synod of Bishops on the Pan-Amazon Region, and with the Synod of Bishops in 2014, where I witnessed firsthand how Pope Francis forced articles on homosexuality to be included in the final document, despite being rejected by the Synod itself.

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