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Pope Francis on human fraternity through unity of religions (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 247)

To get religions to unite in the service of brotherhood is good. Religions should be geared to peace on earth for people of goodwill. But to disregard the differences between religions, to say that all religions are paths to the divine, to ignore the one true faith which is Christianity, to downplay the one true Church that is the Catholic Church, that is not good. It is contrary to God’s intent.

To focus on human fraternity rather than true fraternity as children of the one true God, which happens as we put our faith in the Lord Jesus, is modernism.

The Pope says pluralism and the diversity of religions is willed by God. Does God also will people to come to faith in His Son Jesus and to be baptized in the one Church that Jesus established, which is the Catholic Church?

In the Pope’s efforts to downplay Catholicism and push the intertwining of different religions at the service of human fraternity, he is serving the thrust of the New World Order, and paving the way to a one-world religion (no, not Christianity).

Pope Francis reiterates belief that ‘religions’ must unite in ‘service of brotherhood’

Pope Francis once again championed the notion of 'fraternity' through interreligious action in various ecumenical speeches over the weekend.

Pope Francis, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Iain Greenshields give a blessing on February 4, 2023.

Both in his ecumenical “pilgrimage of peace” and in his message for the International Day of Human Fraternity, Pope Francis recently called for religions to “increasingly intertwine” in the “service of brotherhood.”

Over the past few days, Pope Francis has once more renewed his oft-spoken calls for increased interreligious dialogue and activity, reawakening concerns that leading prelates have made in the wake of such statements over the years.

Religions must ‘increasingly intertwine’ to promote ‘fraternity’

The first came during his recorded February 4 video-message for the third International Day of Human Fraternity, which is born out of his 2019 Abu Dhabi document on human fraternity – a document which stated that a “pluralism and diversity” of religions is “willed by God.” Francis’ video was also to mark the awarding of the accompanying Zayed Prize for Human Fraternity.

His statement mentioned God, but did not mention Christ or Catholicism. Instead, Francis spoke in a much more abstract manner, describing the purpose of religion as “reminding us that man’s destiny goes beyond earthly goods and lies in a universal horizon.”

Francis argued that religions must be “at the service of fraternity” and consequently “enrich each other:”

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