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Heresy of Protestantism (And You Will Know The Truth (Jn 8:32a) Part 38)

“and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8:32b). Holy warriors, it is our duty to learn about our faith and the assaults against our faith. Since Vatican II, our Catholic Church has been veering leftward to Protestantism. Pope Francis himself is making changes that can accommodate more the Protestants, does not like Protestants to convert to Catholicism (including a number of Anglican bishops who wanted to do so), tells Catholics not to proselytize (that is, make converts), and teaches modernist views that resonate well with Protestants, especially with regard to the culture of DEATH, which most Protestants have already embraced. On the latter aspect, Pope Francis approves of Communion to pro-aborts and the divorced and remarried, works well with population controllers, and supports LGBT.

Listen to Miichael Voris expound on the Protestant heresy.

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