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The Climate Change Hoax - 21 (Assaults on Faith, Family and Life Part 160)

Updated: May 29

May 23, 2024

Here is a new perspective to debunking climate alarmism. This time it is not a scientific approach but a theological one. But God is the God of science, which is just what man discovers about God’s workings in the world.


Notable are the following:

  • There is room for billions of people in the world. Climate hysteria has been linked to overpopulation, and the climate ideologues seek to severely limit population. But there is much land available and modern methods constantly increase food production. Poverty and starvation are caused by man and not climate.

  • CO2 is necessary for healthy plant life. Climate ideologues always revert to the harmful effects of CO2, which overall has no scientific basis.

  • There will be no extreme melting of the ice caps that will cause destructive flooding. Just check out the climate ideologues such as Obama, Biden and other elites who continue to buy expensive seashore properties. They must know something they are not telling us!

  • Fossil fuels are not bad. Climate ideologues are all out to ban fossil fuels, which are cheap, effective and more-and-more clean. On the other hand, green energy, especially solar panels and windmills and EVs, if widely used, will result in great ecological harm, in the form of destructive mining, devastation of natural environments and elimination of farms.

Climate alarmism is an ideology of the globalist elite, that wants to control all aspects of human activity. Now we can also see that it indeed is a diabolical ideology, going contrary to the truths of God.


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