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THE WORLD AT AN END #116 -- The Catholic Church and Freemasonry

In line with Pope Francis’ engagement with enemies of the Church (pro-aborts, LGBTs, globalists, depopulationists, etc.), now there are moves to dialogue with Freemasons. On the Church side, it is led by Cardinal Coccopalmerio, who is notorious for his involvement in a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy at the Vatican in 2017.

Freemasonry is totally incompatible with the Christian faith, and is committed to the overthrow of the whole religious and political order. But here now are attempts to find common values and start a relationship with the Church. This is consistent with Pope Francis’ emphasis (1) on international fraternity (universal brotherhood), which is the great principle of Freemasonry, (2) for all religions to be on equal footing, all leading to the divine (the “god” of Freemasons is the “Grand Architect of the Universe”), and (3) on the values of equality, fraternity and liberty (egalité, fraternité, liberté), which are values of the French Revolution that have its roots in Freemasonry.

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