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THE WORLD AT AN END #137 -- Freemasonry's infiltration of the Church hierarchy

Kyle Clement, assistant to well-known exorcist Fr Chad Ripperger, exposes the effects of Masonic infiltration within the hierarchy of the Church. He says a major effort of Freemasonry is the promotion of unqualified and unworthy candidates to positions of authority and leadership within the Church for the purpose of undermining the Church from within.

* The smoke of Satan has entered the Church. There have been and still are high-ranking prelates who were/are Masons.

* The homosexual agenda is part of the attack.

* Cardinal Bernardin in 1963 enthroned Satan in the Vatican (action done in the US).

* Satan’s sway is greater than ever in the Vatican today.

* Freemasonry is against the integrity of governance. Thus people reject their titles, their responsibility (note: Pope Francis has rejected the title “Vicar of Christ”).

* The qualifications now for the episcopate are not holiness, nor increased sacraments within dioceses and parishes, not being exemplary pastors, but rather being friendly to the homosexual agenda, to false ecumenism, to the demolition of the Mass.

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