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Abp Jean-Paul Vesco of Algiers (Liberal bishops Part 90)

Well, Abp Vesco is a good disciple of Pope Francis, and shares in the Pope’s errors in his view of other religions, especially Islam, and his disdain for proselytism (evangelization for conversion).

He and the Pope are not on the side of Christ, and disobey Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples to make disciples of all nations. In addition, they enable Islam to continue to oppress Christians throughout Africa.

But praise God for the evangelicals. They put Catholics to shame.



Prelate asks Catholics to halt Great Commission as evangelicals multiply ALGIERS, Algeria ( - The head of the Catholic Church in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation of Algeria is asking Catholics to "get rid of the idea that we have to evangelize and bring people to our truth."

Article published by ChurchMilitant. For the full article, click here.


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