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Authentic Leadership - 2 (Servant Leadership Part 133)

Today’s psalm: Psalm 37:3-40

Today there is a dearth of authentic servant leadership, even within the Church. Many leaders have taken on the mind of the world. Today’s psalm gives us three basic but important elements of servant leadership. “Observe the person of integrity and mark the upright; because there is a future for a man of peace.” (v.37).

The first element is being a person of integrity. Integrity is being whole and undivided in living out one’s faith. It is about probity, rectitude, honor, truthfulness, trustworthiness. It is being a man of your word.

The second element is being upright. Uprightness is righteousness. It is about morality, honesty, decency and virtue. It is observance of the commandments of God. It is looking to holiness and Christian perfection.

The third element is being a man of peace. Peace is a situation where we are in right relationship with each other. This is about being a peacemaker, about bringing the peace of Christ into all one’s relationships, about being an instrument of peace in the world.

What violates all the above? It is works of the flesh, contrary to the Spirit.

* Works that go against God: immorality, impurity, idolatry, bitterness.

* Works that go against others: hatred, rivalry, envy, outbursts of fury, selfishness, dissensions, factions, gossip, maligning, slander, reviling, calumny, lies, half-truths.

* Works that go against the body: strife, division, factions, rebellion, non-submission to authority.

Is there a future for you in serving Christ through the community and the Church? Then preserve your integrity, remain upright, and work for peace.

* * *

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