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Bp Egan Chastises Traditional Priest (Liberal Bishops Part 92)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Bp Egan is conservative and pro-life? God have mercy on us. Imagine what the liberal pro-choice bishops are doing to faithful priests.

According to him, Fr Ebanks caused great offense to many with his sermon. It was a good Spirit-filled sermon which spoke against gender ideology especially in schools, that victimized the young children. So Bp Egan does not want to cause offense? Then he is politically correct and is not a faithful Catholic, much less a pastor. The truth will cause offense to those who offend Christ with their grave sins.

It is ironic too that the LGBT crowd always speaks of racism, while here they are being racist in condemning this priest who is of Afro-Caribbean origin.

Fr Ebanks spoke scriptural truth and proclaimed it boldly and prophetically. But Bp Egan want to preach only love and mercy, but obviously is oblivious of God’s justice and righteousness. Bp Egan is wrong and Fr Ebanks is right.



by Jules Gomes • • March 21, 2022

PORTSMOUTH, England ( - A prominent pro-life prelate is scapegoating a Black traditionalist friar for preaching a sermon against the LGBTQ+ indoctrination of children in Catholic schools.

Article published by ChurchMilitant. For the full article, click here.

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