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Cannibalism (Under the Fig Tree Part 26)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

Just when you thought nothing in this woke liberal world could surprise you anymore, after

the onslaught of transgenderism, with some very dysfunctional men saying they are women,

claiming to have menstruation, get pregnant, and chestfeed babies, here comes cannibalism!

The New York Times (NYT), a previously prestigious mainstay of US media but today part of the liberal, often fake-news mainstream media, has published a headline saying cannibalism has a time and place, and it might be now.

Currently in the USA there is a rise of cannibalism in movies, TV shows and books.

Cannibalism is being normalized online, and the NYT seems to approve. Is it just the NYT being sensational to try to get more readership? But then it fits the liberal diabolical agenda.

Get rid of more of the world’s population. Abortion, euthanasia, mass shootings, plandemics

(welcome Monkeypox!), possibly deadly DNA-altering vaccines, potential war (with Russia or

China or a civil war). At the same time, some store shelves in the West are bare, with

necessities such as baby formula unavailable. Cows are slated to be gotten rid of, because their farts give off carbon dioxide and so contribute to global warming. The energy crisis triggers the food crisis, aggravated by supply chain breakdowns. We are already being told to eat bugs!

So why not humans. That’s protein. And it’s plentiful.

Is this part of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The WEF openly admits

one of their top priorities is population control. Its elites blame the size of world population for many of the world’s problems. The depopulationists want to reduce population by more than 90%, back to the same size it was 500 years ago.

So how do you want your steak?



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