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Canonizing Woke Liberals as Martyrs (Liberal Bishops Part 96)

Will the insanity never stop?! Will the profanation of Catholic sacredness keep being forced upon us?!

These woke liberals are martyrs? Have these inane bishops forgotten the true martyrs to the faith? Shame!!

These Italian bishops are corrupt, a bane on the Church, and evil. They have completely sold out to the woke culture of the age. They do the devil’s work.



by Jules • April 14, 2022

Italian bishops label climate alarmist, LGBT activist 'missionary martyrs'

ROME ( - Italian bishops are canonizing a climate alarmist, a bisexual activist, a lesbian journalist, an open-borders agitator and Muslim campaigners in a woke "Way of the Cross" for Lent and Holy Week.

Via Crucis, published by the Italian Episcopal Conference for use in Italy's dioceses and parishes in 2022, glorifies Swedish climate alarmist Greta Thunberg among the ranks of "missionary women and men who were martyred."

Article published by ChurchMilitant. For the full article, click here.

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