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Church of Scotland Allows Same-Sex Marriage (Liberal bishops Part 100)

The Protestant Churches continue to fall by the wayside, in allowing same-sex marriage.

Tragically, that is where liberal hierarchs in our Catholic Church are taking us. Today it is blessing same-sex unions. Tomorrow it will be blessing same-sex marriage, if they have their way.

Don’t think it can’t happen. It is already happening right before our eyes. Raise your voices in indignant rejection of our hierarchs moving to full acceptance of homosexuality.


Church of Scotland votes to allow same-sex weddings

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow Ministers to conduct same-sex weddings in its churches. The 2022 General Assembly voted to redefine marriage by 274 to 136 votes.

The Recognition of Marriage Services Act (Act I 1977) will be amended to ditch the words “husband and wife”, only referring to the parties as “each other”.

Article published by The Christian Institute. For the full article, click here.

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