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Church's Ultimate Trial (And You Will Know The Truth (Jn 8:32a) Part 40)

“and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8:32b). Holy warriors, it is our duty to learn about our faith and the assaults against our faith.

We are in the end times. Though we do not know when the actual end will be, the signs point to its being near. And these signs are mind-boggling. Who would have ever thought:

  • That there would be a mass apostasy. But today 99 of the 100 sheep are lost.

  • That there would be severe persecution of Christians. And this is happening in Western so-called Christian nations, at the hands of Catholics who proclaim themselves to be devout but are promoters of abortion and LGBT.

  • That there would be a religious deception offering a world utopia but at the price of apostasy from divine truth. Is this the Great Reset of the globalist New World Order?

  • That there would be widespread attacks on Tradition and Scripture. Today these attacks are coming from within the Church, from liberal and modernist teachers and hierarchs. The Traditional Latin Mass and traditional religious orders are suppressed. The teachings of Christ and of the Church are being overturned.

  • That the devil would counterfeit the Church. The enemy is now within, at the highest levels, and are remaking the Church into the image of man and at the blatant disregard of the righteousness of God.



Cdl. Willem Eijk

Antichrist's 'mystical body'

Prelates, official Catholic catechisms and the Bible all say mass apostasy is a hallmark of the end times. Under the heading of "The Church's Ultimate Trial," the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in paragraph 675, speaks of a widespread loss of faith amongst Catholics: "Before Christ's second coming, the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers." The catechism also warns of a "persecution" accompanying "a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth." This sounds eerily like the "Great Reset."

Cardinal Willem Eijk focused on the catechism's paragraph 675 in a letter he penned in 2018 while archbishop of Utrecht (a city in the Netherlands).

Article published by ChurchMilitant. For the full article, click here.

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