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Cleansing The Temple (Modernism Part 20)

Today’s gospel: John 2:13-22

Jesus went to the Temple, found sellers of animals for sacrifice and moneychangers, and drove them out violently, using a whip of cords and overturning their tables (v.14-15). But these people were doing an important service. Sellers of animals made it convenient for worshipers, not necessitating for them to bring their own animals to be sacrificed. Moneychangers provided the correct currency for the Temple tax, exchanging the different currencies used by pilgrims from all over.

But Jesus found it inappropriate and offensive for them to do this within the Temple grounds. He said it was making his Father’s house a marketplace (v.16). What the merchants were doing was providing a needed service, which enabled the pilgrims to worship appropriately. So such acts were not bad per se, but they were being done in the wrong place. They were violating the Temple’s sanctity and thus God’s righteousness.

How does this relate to Modernism?

Today in our churches there are many things being done that violate the sanctity of the sacred space. These are LGBT Masses with Pride banners on the altar, pagan symbols and rituals during Mass, Holy Communion to pro-aborts and active LGBTs, and even actively gay clerics. How would Jesus have reacted to these?

Would Jesus have allowed these because anyway these are Catholics who go to church, attend Mass and receive Communion? No, but some priests and bishops allow these. Modernists look to the care of and concern for people, but in the process violate the righteousness of God.

What are we as holy warriors to do?

Could Jesus not just have asked the Temple priests to prohibit the practices? Many priests and bishops do not act on the aspects of the culture of the age that has invaded our sacred spaces. They tolerate Gay & Lesbian Clubs in Catholic schools. They welcome pro-aborts to receive Holy Communion. They do not actively weed out predator priests.

Could Jesus not just have left it to the Temple priests to manage the Temple as they saw fit? Many priests and bishops have become liberal, and while they are the recognized authority in our churches, the Church is ours as well, and we have the right and duty to speak out against what is wrong.

Could Jesus just have asked the merchants in a nice way to leave? They would not because they are benefitting from the situation. In the same way, sinners will not turn away from their sin, since some Church pastors today are politically correct and just accept and embrace grave sinners without dealing with their sin. So the sinners may not even know how sinful they truly are. But even if they did know, their pastors coddle them and condone their sin.

Could Jesus just have prayed and left the matter to God? We certainly must pray, but God also acts in and through His people. Saint Augustine said we are to pray as if everything depends on God (as indeed it does) and act as if everything depends on us.

Could Jesus have been less violent? Modernists would never approve of it; after all, they are all about being nice and not offensive. But Jesus acted in this way. His zeal for the Father’s house really turned on his righteous anger. Unfortunately, many Catholics today see the seriously wrong things going on but just shrug and go their own way.

How about us? We as holy warriors must affirm to our God, “Zeal for your house will consume me.” (v.17).


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