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Covid Mandates (A Perspetive On Covid-19 Part 41)

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

More and more today, COVID vaccination is being mandated, and those who refuse are being ostracized and excluded from society. Such vaccination mandate is being reinforced and forced through vaccine passes or passports. Even our Church is doing the same. It simply is not right or just.

How are such vaccine passports being used to discriminate against the unvaxxed in different places throughout the world?

  • They are not allowed to travel on airplanes or buses.

  • They are not allowed to eat at restaurants or go to public places.

  • They are being fired from their jobs.

  • Children and youth are barred from sports teams and school clubs.

  • Unvaxxed parents are being barred from sports games of their children.

  • Some doctors are refusing to treat unvaxxed patients.

  • Churches prohibit their entry and thus deny them the sacred place and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

  • The Vatican has been closed to them, as a “Green Pass” is required for visitors.

  • Church institutions are preventing Catholics from engagement in them.

  • Seminarians are not allowed to continue with their seminary formation.

  • Students are barred from Catholic schools.

  • The Vatican Swiss Guards are being forced to be jabbed.

  • A Canadian archdiocese is requiring all deacons to be jabbed or be suspended.

  • In Chicago all priests not fully vaxxed face disciplinary action.

  • The Archdiocese of Toronto lays down strict vaccine mandate for clergy, employees and volunteers.

  • The bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, bans unvaxxed clergy from ministering to the sick.

Such imposition by the Church of vaccine passports is totally unchristian. Why?

  • It is a violation of the conscience rights of Catholics.

  • It is an assault on religious freedom and conscientious objection.

  • It is a violation of basic human rights.

  • It is coercion, which is totally unchristian.

  • It stigmatizes the unvaxxed and makes them objects of hate and derision.

  • It is discriminatory as it targets the unvaxxed while permitting those with other communicable diseases to free access.

  • It creates different classes among the faithful, with the unvaxxed as second-class and treated as lepers.

We must realize that there are valid reasons for one to not want to be vaccinated. What are those reasons?

  • Not wanting to take experimental drugs, which the so-called “vaccines” truly are. The science is not settled, and there are many scientists and medical practitioners who are pro and anti. Among the antis are many prominent doctors and scientists throughout the world. They have warned of great risks such as myocarditis, stroke, blood clots, and possible infertility.

  • Not wanting to take vaccines derived from fetal calls of aborted babies. This is consistent with being pro-life.

  • Waiting for ethical vaccines to be developed, and there are some in the process of development.

  • Already having natural immunity due to already having had COVID. By the way, immunity provided by COVID vaccines are decreasing in effectiveness, necessitating further jabs. When will such jabs end? Why force those with already natural antibodies to receive a synthetic vaccine?

  • Having co-morbidities that make it dangerous to take the vaccines.

  • Not actually needing such vaccines. The mortality rate for healthy people, especially for the young, is very small. Children are effectively immune from COVID. Why take a vaccine that people do not require?

Further, the basic reason given why the unvaccinated are being forced to be vaccinated is that it is for the safety of all, that it is the responsible thing to do. The Church takes that further, saying it is about love for neighbor.

But this argument fails for the simple reason that both vaxxed and unvaxxed can still be infected and can still infect others. Why then just pinpoint the unvaxxed? In fact, it can be claimed that there is greater danger of infection from the vaxxed, since they become more confident, go out more often and mingle with others, might be less predisposed to wearing masks, and are less careful with social distancing.

Further, for the Church, in supreme irony, those in authority claim it is about love for neighbor, but they themselves fail to love the unvaxxed. I thought the preferential option is for the least, the marginalized, even the lost? If authorities think the unvaxxed are misled and are endangering their own lives, why are Church authorities in turn endangering their souls, by keeping them out of the Church and deprived of the Eucharist? Vaccine mandates and passports are totally unchristian.

Let me take this injustice by Church authorities further. So the unvaxxed, who might be good and faithful Catholics, are being prevented from entering churches and partaking of the Eucharist. This is an egregious wrong, when we consider how some bishops allow unsavory characters to enter churches and let many wrong things happen in churches.

  • Publicly known grave sinners such as prominent pro-abortion officials are being given Holy Communion.

  • Unrepentant LGBTs are afforded their own Pride Masses.

  • There are even active homosexual clerics that continue to celebrate Masses.

By the way, if the COVID vaccines are so safe and effective, aside from being free, why would anyone not want to avail of them? Why do they have to be forced on people? The fact that this is what is happening is one sure indication that things are awfully wrong. If there is something good that is being offered for free, then people will eagerly accept and take them.

Finally, I do believe that we are in the end times. That COVID is a chastisement of God to try to keep us from toppling over the brink. But many Catholics are not being brought to repentance. In fact, even for authorities in the Church, they are cooperating with what is wrong and continuing to mislead the flock.

In the end times, the book of Revelation describes what would happen. The beast “forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name.” (Rev 13:16-17).

This is what COVID passports are. They exclude people from social functions, including some very basic ones, essential to life and well-being. The intent is to force people to take on the mark of the beast, and thus be subjugated to it. It is diabolical.

As I have said before, to accept or to not accept the COVID vaccine is one’s personal choice, and we all should respect each one’s choice. But what is clearly wrong is the vaccine mandate, forcing it on people, and imposing vaccine passports. Vaccine passports coerce people rather than treat illness. And when it is our Church authorities that do it, that is especially tragic.

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