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David (Holy Warriors Part 68)

Today’s reading: Psalm 18:31-51

David was God’s holy warrior (even as he had fallen into terrible sins). He was tasked to govern the people and preserve the kingdom in the land given them by God. He fought many wars. Today we too are engaged in spiritual war, and tasked to extend God’s dominion over the world. We too are called to be holy warriors. We serve the same God and we fight the same enemy. Thus we can look to the same victory granted to David.

Our theme this year is “Built on Rock.” “Truly, who is God except the Lord? Who but our God is the rock?” (v.32). What does God do for His holy warriors? How can we go forth in battle with confidence?

First, God trains us. It is He “who trained my hands for war, my arms to string a bow of bronze.” (v.35). We are not left to our own devices. We fight God’s war, and we fight in His way, with weapons of righteousness to the right and to the left. He has brought us to our community MFC to be formed and trained. He entwines our lives with the lives of fellow warriors.

Second, God empowers us. It is “this God who girded me with might” (v.33a). He fills us with His Spirit, the Spirit of power and might and strength. He enables us to engage and defeat a powerful enemy. “Your right hand has upheld me” (v.36b).

Third, God keeps us on the right track. He “kept my way unerring.” (v.33b). He has given us our vision and mission and Core Values. He keeps us from veering away and losing our way. He keeps us focused on the critical tasks at hand. He gives us the grace to be single-minded for His cause.

Fourth, God infuses us with bravery. “You girded me with valor for war” (v.40a). We face a powerful enemy that on our own we cannot defeat. This enemy has many powerful worldly forces that can cause us great harm. But He emboldens us, keeping our eyes fixed on the cross, enabling us to endure and persevere.

Fifth, God protects us. “You have given me your saving shield” (v.36a). We are under His protective embrace. God “saved me from my enemies” (v.49a). We can survive the flaming darts of the evil one. “He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.” (v.31c). If God is for us, who can be against us?

Sixth, God has given us victory. “I pursued my enemies and overtook them; I did not turn back till I destroyed them.” (v.38). God has sent us on the offensive, and we are to go to the ends of the earth, being assured of His presence and help. “Truly you have elevated me above my opponents” (v.49b). None can withstand His power.

Seventh, God destines us for greatness as His instruments. “Your favor made me great.” (v.36c). We do divine work. We do the very work of God, in the very name of God. As such, being granted the favor of serving a great God, we can move from glory to glory.

God favored David, sending him forth as His holy warrior. “You have given great victories to your king” (v.51a). God will also favor us if we remain true to His call as His holy warriors. And we can achieve great victories in His name.

Holy warriors are built on the Rock that is Christ! “The Lord lives! Blessed be my rock! Exalted be God, my savior!” (v.47). Ho-wa!

* * *

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