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Does Pope Francis love demons? (Quo vadis Pope Francis? Part 184)

Does the merciful Pope Francis love demons? I hope not, but I know he shows love to those persons and things that are demonic. Such as Fr James Martin, the promoter of all things LGBT. Such as the pachamama, which he placed in the Vatican Gardens to be worshiped and then in the Cathedral. Such as abortionists and depopulationists, whom he wholeheartedly welcomes to the Vatican and its fora. Such as the principles of Freemasonry. Such as the totalitarian New World Order.

Once again these modernists advocate false mercy, which actually brings people to hell.


Vatican synod website declares ‘a merciful heart’ is ‘on fire for’ ‘demons’ and all creation

A heart 'on fire' with love and mercy for demons is impossible for a Christian, as St. Thomas Aquinas has made clear.

Stone statue representing a demon

Emily Mangiaracina LifeSiteNews is on the cutting edge of life and family news reporting. Support our Summer Campaign by giving a gift of support today:

(LifeSiteNews) – The Vatican Synod on Synodality quoted in its “Towards a Spirituality for Synodality” document a declaration that a “merciful heart” is “on fire for the whole of creation,” including “demons.”

The document, which was prepared by members of the synod’s “Spirituality Commission subgroup,” states, “Discernment, then, is also an opening of the heart in love and mercy to all things. As St. Isaac of Nineveh (St. Isaac the Syrian) expresses it:

‘What is a merciful heart? It is a heart on fire for the whole of creation, for humanity, for the birds, for the animals, for demons, and for all that exists. By the recollection of them, the eyes of a merciful person pour forth tears in abundance.’”

“The real danger here is in Francis, or in Francis’ writers for the synodal document taking what St. Isaac the Syrian said out of context,” commented Anthony Stine of the Return to Tradition podcast. “What he did is he presented this in such a way that it makes it look like the church says we are to love that which is most evil in all creation.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews. For the full article, click here.

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