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End Pandemic = Endemic


A hermit observing the world from his cave

In the Philippines, we pray the Oratio Imperata against COVID-19. The Church did not get it right at first. The first version (March 2020) had no mention of repentance or asking for mercy, which was a fatal error because COVID-19 was God’s chastisement. The second version (January 2021) was better, but had a fatal error of thanking God “for the vaccines developed made possible by your guiding hands.” Did the vaccines come from God, or from globalist depopulationists? The third (current) version (Jan 28, 2022) is much better, starting with “we confess our sins” and deleting “vaccines” and thanking God instead for the “medicines developed.” Rightly so, as that would include ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other more natural alternatives.

Until we got it right, the pandemic went from bad to worse. When we got it right, the pandemic subsided, very quickly. MetroManila lowered the Alert Level to the lowest #1 on March 1. In just a month, the pandemic is now considered an endemic. Yes there are still lots of infections and some hospitalizations and deaths, but this is just like people who get influenza. But the dire emergency has lifted. And so governments have also lifted or eased lockdowns and quarantines.

But totalitarian controllers still persist. And so hardly-effective masks are still there. Ineffective social distancing is there, in ridiculous situations. Distance while in the airport awaiting your flight, but be side-by-side in an enclosed environment during the flight. Wear masks at restaurants but remove them when eating and the whole time you are at table. No big gatherings, but large jampacked political rallies are OK.

One Filipino businessman is pushing the government to really get unvaxxed people vaxxed, because lots of vaccines on stock are due to expire. Aha. To cover up government incompetence? To make more money for Big Pharma? To continue to control people, and set them up for vax passports or digital-identity systems to prep for a future digitally-controlled world? Controlled of course by the unelected elites of the New World Order.

Perhaps it is time for the Church to end the Oratio Imperata since God has already answered our prayers. But we still need a lot of prayers for protection against future manufactured viruses as well as diabolical totalitarian control.

Time to face the real battle, which is a spiritual one, and attune our prayers accordingly.

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