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Endemic Pandemic = Endemic Part 4 (Under The Fig Tree Part 38)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

Pandemic restrictions have mostly been dropped in much of the world, though there are some places where authorities still persist. A major aspect of these restrictions is the wearing of face masks. In the Philippines, the government lifted the mask mandate last September 11 for outdoors. Then this October 28 it lifted the mask mandate even for indoors, except for healthcare facilities.

However, the Church has not said anything, and people are still wearing the masks at Mass. Here is why this should not be the case.

  • Masks support the notion that the situation has not normalized. So people are still living in fear.

  • Masks support the globalist narrative of this plandemic that caused all the problems in the first place. We the people should hasten to dismantle their instruments of control and domination.

Further, the Church is still praying the Oratio Imperata. But this prayer has already been answered. Are we blind to how God has already answered our prayer? Are we insistent on how God should answer our prayer according to our own way?

The way forward now is MASS WITHOUT MASK.

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