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Euthanasia (Under The Fig Tree Part 27)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

The culture of D.E.A.T.H. refers to anti-life acts, and taken as an acronym, would refer to Divorce, Euthanasia, Abortion, Total population control, and Homosexual relationships. Four are already prevalent and well-advanced in the world, and tragically, accepted by many. The fifth one, euthanasia, already with us but not so prevalent yet, is now being pushed.

As with abortion, anti-lifers argue their case with extreme situations, such as pregnancy due to rape or incest. So most people would find it reasonable (it is not) to abort in these cases. Once accepted, they moved on to abortion in the first trimester, then to the second trimester, then to the third, and finally even after a child has already been born. Now abortion is for whatever reason, simply claimed as a right of the woman. To add insult to injury, the culture has called abortion healthcare and a universal right.

This is the so-called slippery slope. You start with something more readily acceptable, but because the anti-lifers have their agenda, it does not stop there. Ultimately they go all the way.

With euthanasia, the anti-lifers first argued that it is for the benefit of the terminally ill, that it is merciful to end their suffering, and it is done with their consent. Then they extended it to any ill or old person who would give their consent to their life being terminated. Then they went even further. In the Netherlands, since 1985, minors above 16 are able to request euthanasia without parental consent. Children between the age of 12 and 16 are able to die by euthanasia with parental consent. Then in 2005 came the Groningen Protocol, which allowed ending the life of a newborn due to serious disorders or deformities or who are in severe suffering. Now, there is a proposal by the Health Minister to allow children between 1 and 12 to be euthanized.

As usual, the proponents claim to be merciful. But as with abortion, the slippery slope will ultimately result in anti-lifers and population controllers going all the way. The slippery slope is also not just with regard to the extent of euthanasia, but to this aspect of the culture of DEATH moving from the Netherlands to the liberal nations of the West (euthanasia is already legal in 7 countries) and then to the rest of the world.



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