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Faith At The End Of Time (Thought for the Day Part 36)

Gospel reading: Luke 18:1-8

Jesus says, “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (v.8b). Poignant. Prophetic. Sad.

The way things are going, it could be a very small flock left at the end of time. Catholics are being lost to the world, to sects and to cults. The Catholic Church continues to lose Catholics each and every day.

But Jesus came and brought salvation to everyone. And so the whole Church is called to the New Evangelization. Catholics, especially the laity, are called to participate vigorously in this work. We need to share Christ.

Let us do what we can, and there is a lot that we can do, to proclaim the gospel, and help build up that flock leading to the end of time.

* * *

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